's Wendy and Tom

Wendy Solomon, a native New Yorker, moved from the big city to the little island of St. Croix in 1997 for what was going to be a six-month winter break. What friends and family believed was a crazy but enviable decision has evolved into a 16 year (and counting) relationship with husband Tom, and the island of St Croix, its people, culture, lifestyle, and the beautiful scenery of the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean region. Having worked at several of the top 5 advertising agencies in New York, as well as with ABC Television and Fox, Wendy’s professional experience in communications, graphic design, photography, and customer service training, as well as a love for travel, created an opportunity to start a business doing many of the things she loves. Since 1999, has tirelessly promoted travel to the island of St. Croix.

Over the years, has had many wonderful contributors whose shared love for island life is reflected in the beautiful photographs you see on, as well as the original articles and blog posts, the thousands of email inquiries answered, vacation planning packages sent out, and connections made.  Thank you to the GoTo staff we’ve been fortunate to work with to help create an impressive legacy of information about St. Croix: Angelia Hanne, Katie Walsh, Taylor Kelley, Anna Holley, Angela Bailey, Amy Konwerski, Kelly Yoder Smith, and Leslie Hillyer.

These days, gets as much support and inspiration from the 3.5 million site visitors, who have looked at more than 66 million pages, and who now, thanks to social media tools like facebook, tripadvisor, and youtube, tell us what they love about St. Croix! Keep submitting your photos and comments – we look at every one.

To the site visitors and island businesses:  Thank you for making a success!