Schooner Roseway, St. Croix, USVI
View of Buck Island from East End, St. Croix, USVI
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Northside Valley Caribbean Eco Adventures Getaway and Give St Croix

Your kids will delight in the Simple Living on St. Croix.

At Northside Valley’s Eco-Village, we treasure community, sustainability, and diversity. With these three principles guiding our activities, kids learn the wonder of simple living. We creatively build community, work to sustain our land and living structures, and integrate all species and life forms to promote diversity.

Experience & Exploration:

zip-lines * basic repelling * high ropes course * scuba * snorkel * sail * kayak * open water swimming * stand up paddle * sea-thru kayak * hiking * boulders * slack lines * indo boards * free running trails * cycling * historical ruins * forts * jeep excursions * tide pools * sugar mills * turtle watchingNortshide Valley Caribbean Eco Adventures Getaway and Give Camp St Croix

Don’t Just Leave Footprints – Make an Impact!

2013 Service Projects

  • Add a rain collection system to irrigate the garden.
  • Add fruit, vegetable, and nut trees around each villa to grow our shared community resources.
  • Tend, harvest and increase the organic garden.
  • Learn techniques for container gardening.
  • Eat what is grown and teach how to incorporate fresh produce into each day’s meals.
  • Mentoring Local Virgin Islands Children.
  • Mentor campers at Big Island Adventure Camp at AZ Academy.
  • Encourage AZ campers to ‘simply be kids’.
  • Eco-campers will learn about St. Croix culture while teaching the other kids, building an appreciation for both sets of campers.

The Details:

The Eco-Village will run from July 6th until August 3rd, with 4 week long sessions – each offering varied projects and excursions. Students from 8th grade through college welcome.See flyer for more details.