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St. Croix culture is rich with traditions and events to celebrate them. Today’s culture is deeply rooted in the history of the islands. It reflects the wide array of different cultures who have called St. Croix home that have melded and transformed into what we know as St. Croix culture today. Crucian culture is heavily influenced by African traditions which were carried over by the enslaved Africans who were imported to work in the cane fields from the 17th to 19th centuries. Other influences on St. Croix culture stem from the many countries who once ruled including Denmark, France, England and the US; and immigrants who have brought influences from their native countries including India, the Arab world, and other Caribbean islands.St. Croix is known for it’s cultural events and festivals. Mocko Jumbie stilt dancers, Quadrille dancers, Quelbe music, and bamboula are all cultural traditions on St. Croix and can be seen prominently during festivals and events. The Crucian Christmas Festival is the biggest event on St. Croix. Several days of street parades, Festival Village, good food, live music and time spent with family and friends.