Christiansted National Historic Site

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Historic Guesthouses on St. Croix

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St Croix Beaches

Some of the best places to stay on St. Croix are the ones that bring you closest to nature. Eco friendly lodging will truly make you feel like you are on vacation. Listen to the tree frogs singing you to sleep and the birds serenading you in the morning. The tropical breeze passes through your room, cooling it without any effort at all. The stars and the sky provide all the comfort you’ll need to feel at home in the natural state that St. Croix’s tropical climate can offer. Try camping in a tree house made from exotic wood that came from the very forest you are staying in, or relax in an eco-villa with ocean views and shade trees. Explore the many ways to be as close to outdoors as you can –St. Croix is a nature lover’s paradise.