St Croix Movies at the Fort

Free Fun!

Looking for something to do here on St. Croix that is fun and free? Try St. Croix Movies at the fort in Christiansted! The last Saturday of each month at 7pm.  St. Croix Movies at the Fort, in conjunction with the National Park Service, presents a free movie in the park at Fort Christiansvaern. I attended this event for the first time not knowing much about it, let alone what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised!

Parking was easy since the free National Historic Site Parking Lot at Fort Christiansvaern opens from 6:30pm-9:00pm for this movie night event. Volunteers set up a large inflatable screen and a sound system in the park area by the gazebo in front of the fort. Both the sound and picture quality were great for an outdoor venue like the park. Those attending the flick laid out blankets or set-up beach chairs, some even brought folding tables with chairs! Many movie goers took advantage of the venue by bringing their own picnic dinner or snacks to enjoy during the show. Others supported local restaurants by picking up dinner to go and bringing it along. Most of the crowd also brought bottles of wine, cocktails or bottled water to enjoy. It made a great date night for us! The weather was beautiful, and as dusk fell over Christiansted Harbor and Fort Christiansvaern my fiance and I spread out the tapas we had prepared and sipped our glasses of wine. Once the sun was down, the movie started and the crowd quieted and enjoyed the film.

Since this event is supported by the National Park Service, movie goers are asked pack up all trash and food waste when leaving. This is a “pack it in, pack it out” event. To have the opportunity to watch a movie under the stars at the historic Fort Christiansvaern park, for FREE, is very special. Next time you are looking for something different to do in Christiansted, or you want something fun to do with the family, take in a movie at the fort!

When and Where?

St. Croix Movies at the fort in Christiansted! The last Saturday of each month at 7pm. 

What’s the movie?

For more information and the movie of the month, visit