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Buck Island Sunday Funday
Kids playing in water
Rainbow over Udall
Sunset Jazz on the Frederiksted Waterfront

Every third Friday of each month, families of all ages pack a picnic dinner, gather some blankets, lawn chairs and sometimes even the dog and head out west to Frederiksted to listen to tantalizing jazz music and watch the setting sun.

Sunset Jazz is a Frederiksted Economic Development Association (FEDA) event, hosting an impressive roster of local and international jazz musicians on the third Friday of each month. Located on Frederiksted beach, just north of the cruise ship pier, music lovers spread out on the grass and sand in front of the pavilion where the musicians play. Admission is free and all families are welcome. The music starts at 5:30 p.m. and continues for two hours. There are public facilities available for use as well. Just when the sun will slip into the horizon off the waterfront is up to Mother Nature, but it is part and parcel of the evening inspiration.

FEDA operates several cash bars, food vendors provide delectable local snacks and treats. It’s easy to support the local vendors when the cost for admission is FREE. The relaxing setting is perfect for the whole family: kids can play in the sand, parents can kick back on a beach chair and enjoy the live music in a truly unforgettable setting.