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By land or by sky, the island of St. Croix is home to a variety of creatures. The rainforest and bush are home to unique animals like the mongoose, iguanas, and even hermit crabs. The island’s agricultural scene breeds domesticated animals such as horses, goats, sheep, and Senepol cattle as well as the often seen chickens. Many visitors are surprised to find that deer have even found a home here on St. Croix.  Birdwatchers are thrilled to find that the skies, land and coastline are home to a multitude of birds including pelicans, egrets, kestrels, hummingbirds, and our beautiful state bird, the bananaquit. As you enjoy your time on St. Croix, make sure you take in the diverse wildlife the island has to offer…it is everywhere.

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Pets

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Pets

The official hurricane season here in the Caribbean runs from June 1st to November 30th. While the government and news stations stress the importance of being prepared in case of a hurricane, preparing » read more » 

St. Croix ‘Animal Jam’ Raises Funds for Animal Welfare

St. Croix ‘Animal Jam’ Raises Funds for Animal Welfare

One of my favorite things about St. Croix from day one has been the way that most people here truly treat their pets like a member of the family (as they should).  » read more » 

Senepol Cattle

Senepol Cattle

Senepol Cattle are a beautiful species of cattle that is native to St. Croix. The feed on the lush green hills on the west end of the island. This breed of cattle was » read more » 



Mongoose are like the curious little mascot of St. Croix. Mongoose is the popular English name species in the 14 genera of the Herpestidae family , which are small carnivorans that are native to southern Eurasia » read more » 


IguanasLook in trees, mangroves and scurrying across the road for this pre-historic looking reptile. Iguanas are native to the Caribbean where they like the sun and warm waters just as much as » read more » 

Hermit Crabs

Hermit CrabsFirst thing’s first: do not take these cute crustaceans home to keep as a pet. They live here for a reason. When the animal that lives inside the hard shell grows, » read more » 


Gecko, AnoleCommonly referred to as a House Gecko; they are EVERYWHERE on St. Croix! Geckos are cute, fun to watch and totally harmless. In fact, people allow them to stay in their » read more » 


DonkeysDonkeys were brought here by colonists from under every flag. They are traditionally work animals. On St. John, you might be awakened in the middle of the night by the breigh of » read more » 


DeerYep, deer on the island. They were brought here in the 1700’s for sport. No hunting is allowed of these gentle animals. They exist from the east to the west ends of » read more » 


ChickensA.K.A. Yard Birds. These cluckers are pretty much feral and run amuck all over the island. You’ll see them in town, hens with chicks, roosters crowing. Some locals do care and feed » read more » 


BatsRight at dusk, you can catch glimpses of these fast-flying mammals. They fly out from under roof eaves, caves, and even abandoned structures to feed on insects; which really helps keeps the » read more »