Gentle Winds

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Gentle Winds Beach is located on the North Shore of St. Croix, between Salt River and Cane Bay. This beach is home to the private Gentle Winds condominium community. While the beach itself is public » read more » 


Dorsch Beach St Croix

This beautiful stretch of sandy beach is just south of Frederiksted, past the fish market. Dorsch Beach features soft, white sand and plenty of shade under palm and sea grape trees, making it a great » read more » 


Fort Frederik Beach

Frederiksted Beach, also known as Fort Frederik Beach, is located in the town of Frederiksted just north of the Pier and Fort Frederik (across the street from the ballpark).  It is the most easily » read more » 

Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools & Northside Valley Beach


Northside Valley Beach and the Monk's Bath Tidal Pools are located on the northwest corner of St. Croix, near Northside Valley. This beach is very secluded and more than likely you'll have the whole place » read more » 


Rhythms at Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is located on the west end of St. Croix. There is plenty of parking available and a restaurant/bar where you can order food and drinks. There is usually live music, and a » read more » 

Sand Castle

Sand Castle Beach

Sand Castle Beach is located a half mile south of the Frederiksted Pier and is home to two hotels, Sand Castle on the Beach and Cottages by the Sea. It is a gorgeous long » read more » 

Sandy Point

Sandy Point Beach

The official name of the beach is Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. Sandy Point is located on the West End of St. Croix. Simply put, this beach is absolutely stunning. It boasts crystal clear » read more » 

Cane Bay

Cane Bay Beach St. Croix

Cane Bay Beach is a popular hang out for locals and visitors alike. It is also a popular place for families to hang out with their kids, and dogs, because it's a one stop beach » read more » 

Columbus Landing

Columbus Landing Beach

Columbus Landing Beach is located on the North Shore of the island, within the Salt River Bay Historical and Ecological Preserve. This beach was the site of a native village in the 1400's and » read more » 

Pelican Cove

The Palms at Pelican Cove St. Croix

Pelican Cove Beach, also known as Cormorant Beach, is located on the North Shore of St. Croix, only a short drive from Christiansted. Home to two hotels and a condominium complex, Pelican Cove's long » read more » 

Annaly Bay and Tide Pools

Annaly Bay Tide Pool

ALERT : Please consider going with a trained guide as the terrain can be quite precarious. Also, be sure to check the wind and sea conditions before taking this adventure. Annaly Bay Beach and » read more » 

Davis Bay

Davis Bay Beach

Davis Bay Beach, otherwise known as Carambola Beach, is located on the North Shore. This picturesque beach is home to Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort. With an ample stretch of white sand surrounded by verdant hills, » read more » 


Shoys Beach St. Croix

Shoys Beach is on the East End of St. Croix, conveniently located just a few miles outside of Christiansted. Quiet and secluded, Shoys Beach is a picturesque stretch of white sand overlooking the Caribbean waters » read more » 

Turtle Beach, Buck Island

Day Trip to Buck Island

Turtle Beach is on the West Side of Buck Island, located about one and a half miles off the northeast coast of St. Croix...and it is beyond gorgeous. It is a long stretch of » read more » 

Butler Bay

Butler Bay Beach

Butler Bay Beach is located on the West End of the island, just down the road from Sprat Hall. There are some tide pools that are the home to many small fish, and there » read more » 

Sprat Hall

Sprat Hall Beach

Sprat Hall Beach is located on the West End of St. Croix in Frederiksted, across from the Sprat Hall Plantation and just down the road from Rainbow beach. The beach here is a bit » read more » 

La Grange

La Grange Beach

La Grange Beach is a great spot to laze around at on St. Croix. It is located between the Frederiksted Pier and Rainbow Beach. This beach boasts a nice stretch of sand, and generally » read more » 

Northstar Bay

Beach Guide, Northstar, St. Croix, USVI

Northstar Bay Beach is located on the North Shore of St. Croix, between Davis Bay and Cane Bay. This beach offers great snorkeling, and even better scuba diving! In fact, it is a local favorite » read more » 

Salt River

Beach Guide, Salt River Bay, St. Croix, USVI

Salt River Beach is located on Salt River Bay on the North Shore of St. Croix. It features the Salt River Marina, and several water sport companies. Many kayak tours come in and out » read more » 

Judith’s Fancy

Beach Guide, Judith's Fancy, St. Croix, USVI

Judith's Fancy Beach is located on the North Shore of the island, inside Judith's Fancy Quarters past the guard gate. I wouldn't recommend this as a swimming beach, but it has lots to offer » read more » 



Hibiscus Beach is located on the North Shore of the island, and is named for the now abandoned Hibiscus Beach Resort (or Turtle Beach Resort) in Little Princess. Hibiscus Beach adjoins Pelican Cove Beach, so » read more » 


slide_Ha Penny Beach-Looking East

Ha'Penny Beach (pronounced 'Hey Penny'), also known as Manchineel Bay and Halfpenny Bay,  is located on the South Shore of St. Croix. This beach is frequented by the locals and is typically crowded, especially » read more » 

Turner Hole

Divi Beach and Hammock for Lazy Days

Turner Hole beach is located in front of the Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino.  Since this a resort property, there is a bar, restaurant, pool, dock, tennis court, and even a casino on the » read more » 


Beach Guide, Grapetree Bay, St. Croix, USVI

Grapetree Beach is located on the East End of the island along the south shore, between Point Udall and the Divi Carina Bay Resort. This beach is nice and peaceful. It offers a long stretch » read more » 

Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay


Jack's Bay and Isaac's Bay beaches are located on the very East End side of the island, near Point Udall. Accessible only by foot, you have to hike a little ways to get there. » read more » 

Cramer’s Park

Beach Guide, Cramer's Park, St. Croix, USVI

Cramer's Park Beach is located on the north shore of St. Croix's East End, near Point Udall and is surrounded by Knight Bay and Boiler Bay. This is a large public park and beach, » read more » 

Long Reef

Long Reef Beach

Long Reef Beach is located at Mill Harbour Condominiums on the North Shore of St. Croix. Enjoy food and drinks at the bar and restaurant, lounge on one of the lounge chairs underneath a palm » read more » 

Teague Bay

Teague Bay - Duggan's Reef Beach

Teague Bay Beach is located on the north shore of St. Croix's East End, just west of the St. Croix Yacht Club across the street from The Reef condos. Duggan's Reef Seafood Restaurant is » read more » 

Coakley Bay

Coakley Bay Beach

Coakley Bay Beach is located on the East End of St. Croix, near the Coakley Bay Condominiums. This beach offers a long stretch of sand. There are no amenities here, but there is plenty » read more » 

Chenay Bay

Chenay Bay Beach

Chenay Bay Beach is located at the Chenay Bay Hotel on the East End of St. Croix. The charming cottages of the hotel are nearby, and there is a bar and restaurant located alongside » read more » 

Tamarind Reef


Located on the East End of St. Croix, alongside the Tamarind Reef Hotel and Marina, Tamarind Reef Beach affords beautiful views of both Green Cay and Buck Island. This small stretch of well maintained » read more » 

Green Cay

Green Cay Beach

Green Cay Beach is located just off of Green Cay Marina, near the Tamarind Reef Resort and Marina. This tiny island is accessible by either boat, kayak or paddle board, but you do pass through » read more » 

Buccaneer: Mermaid, Grotto & Whistle

Buccaneer Beaches

There are 3 beaches located within The Buccaneer Hotel property. Since all beaches are open to the public, you can enjoy these beaches even if you are not a guest at The Buccaneer. Once » read more » 

Protestant Cay

Protestant Cay Beach St. Croix

Protestant Cay Beach is located at Hotel on the Cay (pronounced 'key'), or Protestant Cay, which is a small island located in the Christiansted Harbor, just off downtown Christiansted. It is accessible by a » read more »