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St Croix Beaches

Ha’Penny Beach (pronounced ‘Hey Penny’), also known as Manchineel Bay and Halfpenny Bay,  is located on the South Shore of St. Croix. This beach is frequented by the locals and is typically crowded, especially on the weekends. It has a mile plus long stretch of sand, that is perfect for picking out just the right spot. There are no amenities here, so come prepared with sun protection, plenty of water and a beach chair.  This is also a great stretch of beach for walking since it is about a mile long with very soft sand in most places. So, if you are looking for a place to take your dog for a walk, go for a run, or have a romantic walk on the beach, this is a great spot.

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The water varies from calm to rough, depending on various conditions. The water isn’t too shallow and has a sandy bottom in most areas, so it is also a great area for swimming. There is some good snorkeling on the East End of the beach if conditions are calm and clear, you may even see a spotted eagle ray. If you choose to snorkel, enter the water where it is sandy to avoid stepping on the sea urchins that occupy the East End of the beach.

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While there is a little bit of shade at Ha’ Penny Beach, but there are no amenities. Make sure to bring plenty of drinking water, lots of sun protection, and food (if necessary).


To access Ha’Penny Beach, turn off of South Shore Road (Route 62) at the pink pillars on the south side of the road and head south down the dirt road until you see the beach. There is parking available right next to the beach.


This is a popular turtle nesting beach, so please look out for potential nests and (if you are lucky enough to see them) do not disturb the turtles, their nests or hatchlings.

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