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Beach Guide, Family Photo Session with Kelly Greer, St. Croix, USVI
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Beach Guide - Dorsch Looking North

Teague Bay Beach is located on the north shore of St. Croix’s East End, just west of the St. Croix Yacht Club across the street from The Reef condos. Duggan’s Reef Seafood Restaurant is built right on Teague Bay Beach, which makes eating lunch or dinner there very nice. It also makes for a great Sunday Brunch spot. On shore there is seaweed, but there are sandy areas to relax as well. There’s shade under trees and little hermit crabs love to visit. In the water, there are rocks and grassy areas. There is long stretch of beach protected by a barrier reef. The water is also shallow, which makes for great snorkeling.  There is enough surf here for the wind and kite surfers to enjoy the water as well. There is plenty of parking, and the beach itself usually isn’t very crowded.

Teague Bay - Duggan's Reef Beach


Parking is available, there are beach chairs and hammocks on the beach, and there is a restaurant and bar onsite.


Head east out of Christiansted along East End Road (Route 82). Turn left at the entry for Duggan’s Reef and The Reef  tennis courts and there is plenty of parking.


The waters at this beach are within the Recreational Zone of the St. Croix East End Marine Park. Hook-and-line fishing is only permitted from the beach and to 100 ft from shore.  All other fishing beach-based fishing (spearfishing, diving for conch) is prohibited. Personal watercraft are permitted from the eastern boundary of Cramer’s Park (Cottongarden Point) west to Teague Point only. 

This is a residential area at The Reef condos, so please be respectful of the residents and guests.


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