St. Croix Fashion February

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St. Croix is full of talented artists, designers, jewelers, and craftspeople. While many annual events are designed to showcase local artisans, those in the fashion industry tend to be overlooked...but, that's about to change! » read more » 

Clean Silver Jewelry in Five Easy Ways

ib designs creates artful, expressive, feel good jewelry

We love our handmade jewelry here on St. Croix! If you look around you will find most women wearing stacks of bracelets, not to mention rings, earrings, and necklaces. But, it's not just the women, the » read more » 

Show your love of St. Croix with a Crucian Bracelet


While it is generally known the world over that women love jewelry, that has never been more obvious to me than here on St. Croix.  While I am accustomed to seeing women wear their » read more » 

Save St. Croix’s coral with beautiful jewelry!

St. Croix Elkhorn Coral Nursery ib designs

If you are a St. Croix visitor "in the know", you may already own your favorite piece of handcrafted "feel good jewelry" from local jewelry store ib designs. You may not know that ib » read more »