Getting Here: Flights to St. Croix

Transportation, Airlines, St. Croix

When planning a trip to St. Croix, the first thing most travelers shop for is airfare. Flying to St. Croix is getting a little easier now that several of the major airlines are offering » read more » 

‘Hurricane Warning’ Preparedness

Hurricane Maria, St. Croix, USVI

St. Croix has survived several major hurricanes, including Category 5 Hurricane Maria in 2017 and Hurricane Hugo in 1989. In the event of another major storm, we want to make sure everyone knows what » read more » 

Shipping Your Household Goods to St. Croix

Relocation Guide - Shipping Household Good to St. Croix

If you are planning on relocating to St. Croix, you will need to decide which of your household goods, furnishings, and personal effects you will ship to the island, and how you will ship » read more » 

Historic Properties : Estate Mt. Washington

Labyrinth - Estate Ruins

If you have ever dreamed of owning a piece of historic property, St. Croix currently has several amazing options available. When "sugar was king" in the Caribbean, St. Croix was scattered with sprawling sugar plantations. » read more » 

Setting Up Your Healthcare on St. Croix

Setting Up Your Healthcare on St. Croix, USVI - Plessen Medical Group, LLC

Healthcare is a necessity of life, and is therefore one of the first things most of us establish when relocating to a new place. In the Caribbean, the quality and availability of medical care » read more » 

Saharan Dust: The Good and The Bad

Saharan Dust on Coming Off of Africa Impacts St. Croix, USVI

Each year, beginning in the late spring and continuing through early fall, a haze seems to settle around St. Croix. While this haze can give the appearance of a light fog off in the » read more » 

Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses Blog

Mosquitoes are a pesky part of traveling to any Caribbean destination, and many other places for that matter. Not only can mosquitoes leave you with the standard itchy red bumps when they bite, but » read more » 

Getting a Mortgage on St. Croix

Mortgage Lenders

Many people dream of moving to an island in the Caribbean, buying a home and living the 'island life'. In fact, in recent years St. Croix has been been a popular destination for HGTV » read more » 

Shopping for Your St. Croix Home

Mango Hill Greathouse

The island of St. Croix offers a wide selection of homes and real estate for sale here in America's Caribbean paradise. In fact, HGTV seems to be on the island every few months filming new episodes » read more » 

St. Croix: Star of the Small Screen

Filming Diggers at Fort Frederik

America and the small screen have fallen in love with the island of St. Croix. With wide open spaces, picturesque Caribbean beaches, and the laid-back lifestyle of a tropical island, it's easy to understand why St. » read more » 

Life in the Left Lane

Keep Left Road Sign

Here on St. Croix we do, in fact, drive on the left. Many historians believe that driving on the left was a custom carried over from the days of Danish rule, and when the » read more » 

Prepare for Hurricane Season


As hurricane season closes in on St. Croix, we are reminded of the importance of hurricane preparedness. While technology has made forecasting tropical storms and hurricanes more accurate, they can still be unpredictable.  With extremely » read more » 

Shipping a Vehicle to St. Croix

Shipping a Vehicle to St. Croix - Port of Miami

If you are considering relocating to St. Croix, a vehicle is a must. You can buy a new or used vehicle on the island, but if you have a good, reliable vehicle you may » read more » 

Registering a Vehicle on St. Croix

USVI License Plate

Here on St. Croix, all vehicles are inspected and registered according to the laws of the Virgin Islands at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (or 'BMV'). The registration sticker is affixed to the lower inside » read more » 

Obtaining a Virgin Islands Driver’s License

St Croix Car Rentals

If you are planning to relocate to St. Croix, one of the first things you may want to consider is obtaining a Virgin Islands (VI) driver's license. Here on the island the Bureau of » read more » 

Parking on St. Croix

Parking in Frederiksted

We are often asked about the parking situation on St. Croix, particularly for visitors deciding whether or not to rent a car while here on-island.  In most places, parking on the island is free.  » read more » 

Choosing a Rental House on St. Croix


The prospect of moving to St. Croix and living in the Caribbean can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming.  Generally, the first priority for when relocating to the island is finding a place » read more » 

Moving a Pet to St. Croix

Cupcake the Rabbit

A General Step-by-Step Guide  As many of you can imagine, it's impossible to move to paradise without bringing your pet along. I mean, just look at that cute little can you even consider » read more » 

Top 10 Reasons To Choose St. Croix

Top 10 Reasons to Choose St. Croix

#10 No passport? No problem, mon. Foreign enough to be exotic, St. Croix is in fact part of "America's Caribbean"-one of the islands comprising the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). Everyone speaks English, uses » read more » 

Relocation Planner

Order your Relocation Package today!

Order Your Relocation Package Today! Planning on moving to St. Croix, know someone who is, or are just considering it? Order our relocation package to help you get started! Our relocation package includes The » read more » 

Off Season: What does it really mean?

Tamarind Reef Resort St. Croix Beach

While the Caribbean is generally thought of as being a tourist destination year round, there is certainly an off season, generally from July through late October. Travelling to St. Croix during off season offers both benefits » read more »