Savoring St. Croix Like a Local

Virgin Islands Food Tours, St. Croix, USVI

You simply cannot visit St. Croix without tasting the local food. The island is a melting pot of cultures and ingredients, which has given rise to dishes that are truly unique to St. Croix. Crucian » read more » 

Sample Locally Made Brews

Craft Beer on St. Croix, USVI

For the past few years, microbrews and craft beers have been taking America by storm. The makers of these small-batch brews are generally recognized for their emphasis on quality, flavor and traditional brewing technique. While » read more » 

Find the Perfect St. Croix Keepsake

Shopping at Purple Papaya, St. Croix, USVI

While many would agree that St. Croix is a pretty unforgettable place, most who travel here will leave with some sort of souvenir to remind them of their time on the island. From shot glasses » read more » 

Attend a Wellness Retreat on St. Croix

Elemental Flow Retreats

Imagine spending a week doing nothing but nourishing your body, mind and soul while enjoying the natural beauty of a Caribbean island. If that isn't enough to tempt you, add in some fun activities » read more » 

Visit Historic Churches

Visit Historic Churches, St. Croix, USVI

St. Croix has historically been, and remains today, a melting pot of religions. Known as 'The Land of Churches', the island is home to approximately 150 churches that serve its 50,000 residents. Some of St. » read more » 

Have a Beer with Some Pigs

Have a Beer with Some Pigs , Mt. Pellier Domino Club, St. Croix, USVI

Like many small islands in the Caribbean, St. Croix offers it's own unusual local tourist attractions. Surprisingly, one of our most popular attractions are the beer drinking pigs at the Mt. Pellier Hut Domino Club.  Yes, you read » read more » 

Treat the Kids to Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf - The Links at Divi Carina Bay Resort, St. Croix

St. Croix offers a seemly endless series of water-based activities to do with the family, but what if you want to stay dry? Then treat the kids to a round of miniature golf! The » read more » 

Sunrise at Point Udall

Sunrise at Point Udall, St. Croix, USVI

While sunsets are known worldwide for their romantic ambiance, sunrises seem to be sadly overlooked. Watching the sunset on a day you have spent with someone you love is certainly beautiful, but to watch » read more » 

Nourish Your Skin with itiba Island Botanicals

itiban - nourish your skin with island botanicals

The island of St. Croix offers incredible inspiration to many artisans, with it's turquoise waters, tropical flora and diverse culture. However, few people are able to capture the essence of the island the way » read more » 

Tour Two Historic Forts

Fort Christiansvaern - St. Croix Historical Forts

Two of the most iconic and imposing historical buildings here on St. Croix are Fort Christiansvaern and Fort Frederik. These forts were constructed between the mid-1700's and mid-1800's to protect Christiansted and Frederiksted from smugglers, pirates, European » read more » 

Dive the Salt River Canyon Sites

Dive Salt River Canyon, St. Croix

In the Caribbean Sea, just outside of St. Croix's Salt River Bay, can be found a breathtaking underwater geographical feature known as the Salt River Canyon. This underwater canyon is formed by the remains » read more » 

Enjoy Unique Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment - Kiki & the Flaming Gypsies

While you are here on St. Croix, take the opportunity to indulge in some live entertainment. The island offers a wide variety of lively performances for your enjoyment - from cultural dancers and local » read more » 

Inshore Fishing on the South Shore

St. Croix Inshore Fishing - Snook

While most people have heard of offshore or deep sea fishing, the concept of inshore fishing may be unfamiliar. Both types of fishing can be found here on St. Croix, but inshore fishing is done » read more » 

Achieve Balance at a Yoga Class

Yoga Class - Child's Pose

Yoga is practiced worldwide by millions of people, and offers some incredible health and wellness benefits. The beauty of yoga is that can be practiced almost anywhere, and by anyone. Here on St. Croix, » read more » 

Shop in Unique Boutiques

From the Gecko Boutique

There is a shift happening on a global level to support local businesses, and here on St. Croix the majority of businesses are locally owned and operated. The lack of chain stores found on St. Croix » read more » 

Horseback Riding on the North Shore

Ride a Horse on the Beach - Equus Riding Tours

If you would like to experience St. Croix from a whole new perspective, you should see it from the back of a horse. Whether you have ever been horseback riding or not, you won't » read more » 

Enter a Road Race

Road Race - Labor Day 5K

Many think of St. Croix as a tropical paradise full of beaches, where people spend their days basking in the sun and floating in the Caribbean Sea. While that is partially true, there is » read more » 

Hoist the Sails on a Historic Ship

Roseway Under Sail

There are few sights as eye-catching as seeing the Roseway making her way across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean into the harbor. The Roseway is a beautifully restored 137′ schooner with massive russet colored sails that is registered as a U.S. National » read more » 

Have a Family Photo Session

Family Photo Session - Sarah Stamper Photography

Nowadays family photos capture the personality and love of a family, not just what everyone looked like on 'picture day'. Having a family photo session done on St. Croix is a perfect way to get » read more » 

Hike to Jack and Isaac Bays

Hike to Jack and Isaac Bays

Jack and Isaac Bays are the living embodiment of what you imagine a quintessential Caribbean beach to be, but there is a bit of hike required to get to them. Once you do get » read more » 

Sample St. Croix’s Local Cuisine

Local Food Plate

St. Croix, like many Caribbean islands, is a cultural melting pot. One of the many great things about this mix of ethnic groups and cultures is that it results in some amazingly diverse local » read more » 

Shop the Christiansted Antiques & Collectibles Fair

Christiansted Antiques and Collectibles Fair

Christiansted, St. Croix is a picturesque waterfront town who's beautiful historic buildings house custom jewelers, art galleries, tour operators, boutiques, restaurants, and other local businesses. Twice a year in Limpricht Park, right in the » read more » 

Attend a Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting at Seaside Market & Deli

In today’s world a glass of wine is a relaxing way to end a day, a means to celebrate, or a compliment to a great meal. Wine has been around for thousands of years » read more » 

Visit the Site of Colombus’ Landing


Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve on St. Croix contains the only known site where members of an expedition led by Christopher Columbus set foot on what is now United States » read more » 

Family Fun at the Crab Races

Tito & Sue Crab Races

Ladies and gentlemen, start your...hermit crabs? That's right, here on St. Croix one of the most well attended sporting events on island is the weekly crab races. Held at multiple resort, bar and restaurant » read more » 

Explore Sugar Mill & Plantation Ruins

Rust Op Twist - Exploring Ruins

You have probably seen dozens of historic sugar mills dotting the landscape of St. Croix. Many of these mills were constructed between 1750 and 1800 when, while under Danish rule, St. Croix was one of » read more » 

Enjoy Fresh, Local Seafood on St. Croix

Grilled caribbean lobster

Getting your fill of freshly caught, local seafood while on St. Croix is a must! The beautiful Caribbean Sea that surrounds the island offers up a variety of delicious saltwater fish and shellfish that thrive » read more » 

Take Advantage of Duty-Free Shopping

Shop Nelthropp & Low

Those of you who have been to St. Croix can attest that it truly is America’s paradise. Visitors come to enjoy the sun, the sandy beaches, and the turquoise Caribbean waters the island offers. » read more » 

Enjoy a Free Waterfront Jazz Concert

Sunset Jazz - Trumpet Player

There is just something smooth and sultry about jazz that makes it the perfect music for setting a romantic mood. While recorded jazz is great, live jazz is even better. Imagine listening to some » read more » 

Take a Fitness Class on St. Croix

340 CrossFit Classes

Looking to change up your fitness routine? St. Croix offers a variety of different fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels. From high-intensity CrossFit classes, to flexibility increasing barre classes, there is something » read more » 

Brush Up on Your Bush Skills

Bush Skills with Veronica Gordon

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to survive in the wild? The idea of learning and practicing survival skills is growing in popularity across the globe, and St. Croix is » read more » 

Build a Sand Castle

Family Sand Castle

Building a sand castle is a fun beach activity for children of all ages, whether you are 3 or 93. Many of us have fond memories of childhood beach vacations where we dug in the sand » read more » 

Just Breathe…Meditating on the Beach

Meditating on the Beach

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and maintain good health. Meditating on the beach is even better, as it allows you to connect with nature while also providing » read more » 

Advance Your Scuba Diving Skills on St. Croix

Frederiksted Pier Night Dive

St. Croix is known in the scuba community for the amazing diving to be found here. Divers travel from all over the world to dive The Wall, Cane Bay, Salt River Canyon and the » read more » 

Take an Art Class and Get Creative

Art Class at Blue Mutt

If you are feeling creative, or just looking for something new to try, why not take an art class? The variety of art classes available on St. Croix is constantly expanding and changing, offering » read more » 

Birding at Southgate Coastal Reserve

Birds at Southgate Pond

Avid and novice bird watchers alike will enjoy the aviary experience St. Croix offers. There are seasonal appearances by certain species, as well as resident birds who make St. Croix their home year round. » read more » 

Drive to Point Udall, Easternmost Point of the U.S.

Point Udall Slide

While you are here on St. Croix, I recommend that you take the very scenic drive all the way up to Point Udall at the far East End of the island. Point Udall offers » read more » 

Take the Helm and Learn to Sail

Sailing St. Croix

For many ocean lovers there are few pleasures that rival sailing across the cerulean blue Caribbean Sea. There is just something life affirming about being out on the water with the salt air blowing » read more » 

Take a Sunset Stroll on Frederiksted Pier


There is no better way to end a day on St. Croix then by watching the sunset on the Caribbean Sea. On the West End of the island, the Frederiksted Pier offers an amazing » read more » 

Sail into the Sunset Aboard a Catamaran

Catamaran Sunset Sail

There are few things so romantic in this world as the idea of sailing off into the sunset with the one you love. Picture cuddling up together as you slowly glide through the Caribbean » read more » 

Try Your Luck at the Casino

Divi Carina Bay Casino

Feeling lucky? Then head over to Divi Carina Bay Casino and put your luck to the test. Enjoy all your favorite casino games, along with great drinks, a friendly staff, and live entertainment on the weekends. » read more » 

Sun, Sand, and a Drink in Your Hand


Nothing evokes a sense of paradise like lying in a lounge chair on a pristine resort beach with a cold, tropical cocktail in your hand. If you are here on St. Croix you are in luck, there are a » read more » 

Snorkel the Buck Island Reef Underwater Trail

Snorkel Buck Island

Buck Island Reef National Monument offers some of the best snorkeling on St. Croix, as well as a postcard-worthy white sand beach surrounded by magnificently clear blue waters. This natural landscape allows visitors to » read more » 

Dive the World Famous Cane Bay Wall

Cane Bay Shore diving Family

St. Croix is known for world class Caribbean diving. Beneath the turquoise waters the island is almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef teeming with coral, sponges, schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, and » read more » 

Enjoy a Romantic Couples Beach Massage

Couples Beach Massage Delivered

What could possibly be better than getting a massage on one of St. Croix's picturesque beaches? How about sharing the experience with the one you love? Couples massages encourage bonding, increase the comfort level » read more » 

Make waves on a Wave Runner

Jet-ski in front of Rainbow Beach

Looking to make some waves here on St. Croix? Then head over to Rainbow Beach and rent a wave runner from West End Water Sports. It's a cool and refreshing way to enjoy the crystal-clear Caribbean » read more » 

Wave to Your Family & Friends on the Webcam!

Webcam Blog

As St. Croix's ever watchful eye, the webcam on the Christiansted boardwalk has seen it all. On a 'normal' day, you can see the calm, blue waters of Christiansted Harbor dotted with boats gently rocking » read more » 

Horseback Riding in the Rainforest

Horseback Riding - Paul & Jills Equestrian Stable, St. Croix, USVI

If you like seeing new places, especially off the beaten path, grab your camera and cowboy hat because we have an adventure for you. Experience St. Croix's tropical rainforest from the inside-out, eat fruit » read more » 

Feed the Tarpon at the Christiansted Boardwalk


As you walk along the Christiansted boardwalk you can't help but notice schools of huge, silvery tarpon that linger in the water beside you. Sometimes, a dorsal fin will even slice through the surface of the » read more » 

Show your love of St. Croix with a Crucian Bracelet


While it is generally known the world over that women love jewelry, that has never been more obvious to me than here on St. Croix.  While I am accustomed to seeing women wear their » read more » 

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