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Boulger Real Estate

Boulger Real Estate is the leading authority in listing and selling US Virgin Islands properties. Our firm combines foundational sales expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional service. We leverage innovative tools and proven strategies to ensure a seamless and successful real estate experience. Trust Boulger Real Estate for unparalleled market knowledge and professional excellence in the Virgin Islands.

Location: Island-WIde
Phone: (720) 630-6309

The Epitome of Caribbean Living is for Sale

Custom-built by David Harrison, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home features a pool on ¾ of an acre with breathtaking views. Located in the quiet North Shore hills, Vista Concordia offers 24-hour surveillance, a low annual HOA fee, and is minutes from world-renowned diving and beaches. The home boasts meticulous details from luxury plank floors and contemporary fixtures to hurricane-rated windows and a state-of-the-art 10.2kW solar system with Tesla Powerwalls. Inside, the open-layout kitchen and living area feature Viking appliances and French doors leading to a private pool and spacious gallery, perfect for seamless indoor-outdoor living.  MLS# 24-280

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Discovery Grove is the Eco Farm Homestead of St Croix

Welcome to Discovery Grove, a 12.45-acre paradise in Estate Canaan, St. Croix, USVI, offering a serene rainforest setting with multiple homes and facilities for retreats, long-term stays, and events. This property features 15 bedrooms across various structures, including a renovated sugar mill and bamboo huts, blending comfort with nature. Surrounded by vibrant foliage and the sounds of wildlife, Discovery Grove is a sanctuary ideal for creating a private estate, eco-resort, or retreat center. The property includes creative spaces like a music room, art room, and covered community center, along with outdoor amenities such as hiking trails and fruit orchards, making it perfect for those seeking sustainable living and tranquility.  MLS# 23-879

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Christiansted Penthouse Condo - Ocean/Harbor Views

Welcome to 201 Schooner Bay, a luxurious penthouse epitomizing Caribbean living with three bedrooms, each featuring an ensuite bathroom for privacy and comfort. The master suite offers a private gallery with sweeping ocean and harbor views, while the other two bedrooms provide stylish, convenient retreats. Situated within walking distance of Christiansted town, this prime location gives easy access to charming coffee shops, renowned restaurants, and vibrant bars. The complex boasts two pools, a tennis court, and efficient onsite management, ensuring a seamless living experience. Additional amenities include night security, trash removal, landscape maintenance, cable TV, and high-speed internet, all covered by the monthly fee.  MLS# 23-1065

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Maximizing Homeowner Success: The Effectiveness of Boulger Listing Services

In today's dynamic real estate landscape, homeowners are seeking innovative and comprehensive solutions to maximize the sale of their properties. Boulger Listing Services emerges as a pioneering force, offering a suite of cutting-edge tools and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. This short article explores the effectiveness of Boulger Listing Services through its strategic approach and utilization of advanced technologies, market analysis, pricing strategies, and client-centric practices.
Leverage of Technology: At the core of Boulger Listing Services effectiveness lies its adept use of technology. Digital twins, virtual tours, and high-quality photography provide immersive experiences for prospective buyers, allowing them to explore properties from the comfort of their homes. By embracing these digital innovations, Boulger Listing Services stays ahead of the curve, enhancing the visibility and appeal of listed properties.
Deep Market Analysis: Boulger Listing Services employs rigorous market analysis techniques to provide homeowners with insights into current trends, buyer preferences, and competitive landscape. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making, ensuring that properties are priced competitively and positioned strategically within the market.
Competitive Pricing Strategies: Boulger Listing Services employs dynamic pricing strategies tailored to each property's unique attributes and market conditions. Through thorough comparative analysis and evaluation of pricing trends, optimizing listing prices to attract buyers while maximizing returns for homeowners.
High-End Photography and Drone Work: Visual appeal plays a pivotal role in attracting potential buyers. Boulger Listing Services commitment to excellence is evident in its high-end photography and drone work, capturing the essence and beauty of each property. Stunning visuals elevate listings, leaving a lasting impression on prospective buyers and setting properties apart from the competition.
Client-Centric Commitment: Beyond technological prowess and market expertise, Boulger Listing Services is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to serving clients. With personalized attention, transparent communication, and dedicated support throughout the selling process, Boulger Listing Services prioritizes client satisfaction above all else.
In conclusion, the effectiveness of Boulger Listing Services stems from its holistic approach, seamlessly integrating technology, market analysis, pricing strategies, and client-centric practices. By harnessing the power of innovation and prioritizing client needs, Boulger empowers homeowners to achieve their real estate goals with confidence and success.

Empowering Buyers: The Excellence of Boulger Buyer Services

In the fast-paced world of real estate acquisition, buyers seek partners who offer more than just listings—they seek comprehensive services that ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Enter Boulger Buyer Services, a leader in the industry renowned for its unmatched preparedness, deep market knowledge, formidable negotiating skills, and lightning-fast responsiveness. This piece delves into the key components that make Boulger Buyer Services indispensable to buyers, highlighting its commitment to excellence in every facet of the purchasing process.
Preparedness: Boulger Buyer Services sets itself apart by its meticulous preparedness at every stage of the buying journey. Armed with in-depth market research, comprehensive property analysis, and a clear understanding of buyer preferences, equipping clients with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.
Market Knowledge: At the heart of Boulger Buyer Services excellence lies its unparalleled market knowledge. With a finger on the pulse of local and regional real estate trends, Boulger Buyer  Services provides buyers with invaluable insights into market dynamics, property values, and emerging opportunities. This deep understanding empowers buyers to navigate the market with precision and seize optimal investment opportunities.
Negotiating Skill: Boulger Buyer Services boasts a proven track record of success in negotiations. Armed with expert negotiation techniques and a keen understanding of market dynamics, Boulger Buying Services  advocates tirelessly on behalf of its clients to secure the best possible terms and prices. Whether it's price negotiations, contingencies, or contract terms, buyers can trust Boulger Buying Services to negotiate with finesse and tenacity, maximizing value and minimizing risk.
Power and Speed: In today's competitive real estate landscape, speed is of the essence. Boulger Buyer Services operates with unmatched agility and efficiency, ensuring that buyers have the edge in fast-moving markets. With streamlined processes, responsive communication, and swift decision-making, Boulger Buying Services empowers buyers to act decisively and capitalize on opportunities before they slip away.
In conclusion, Boulger Buyer Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of real estate acquisition, offering buyers unparalleled preparedness, market knowledge, negotiating prowess, and speed. With Boulger by their side, buyers can navigate the complexities of the real estate market with confidence, knowing that they have a trusted partner dedicated to their success.