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The class begins at Mt. Victory Camp, which will serve as our base camp. We will begin the class with dinner on the first day, and then have that evening as well as the whole next day to introduce skills that will be helpful while out in survival, as well as time to work on some things you might want to have out there, such as cordage for fishing line, bone hooks, bamboo bow, etc. On the morning of the third day, we serve a hearty breakfast and then head out into the wilderness on the rugged and uninhabited northern coast of the island.

We spend 4 days and three nights living with the land as a tribe. While we are out there, the instructors enter into a more shared tribal role to achieve a feeling of “we are all in this together” while still teaching skills when helpful and also serving as a safety net. However there may be certain times when we hold back (for example, we are not going to start the fire for you because that would defeat the purpose of the class, but we will offer helpful hints if needed for you to have success on your own). We will all build our shelter together out of materials we gather from the land. We will hunt and fish and forage and share food around the fire.

We will return to Mt. Victory Camp in the afternoon of the 4th day in survival, after doing a bit of caretaking on the land as a way to give back. Upon our return we will share a meal together and have some time for rest, relaxation, journaling, and showering! ​There will be one final night at camp as a way to focus on reintegration and processing of lessons that were learned out there. Taking time to process all those lessons is a nice gift to give yourself and essential for taking what you learned “out there” and thinking about how you will incorporate it into your “normal” life, making it perhaps not as normal as it once was.
If you are ready for a physical, emotional, and mental challenge and really want to test yourself and learn a lot all while being in a beautiful place, this is for you!

We encourage students to take the Tropical Skills and Survival Quest back-to-back so that they can reach maximum immersion in the environment and these skills. We give priority to those students who are taking both classes simply because it helps add to the group cohesion when we go out on survival together (you will have already spent a week getting to know each other and getting to know the land).

Maximum 8 participants.

Cost: $900 ($800 if also taking the Tropical Skills Class)

Tropical Skills Class​​ and ​Survival Quest

​This two week experience is for those who want to push their limits, and experience survival living with the guidance of experienced survivalists. The first half will be spent learning many of the native skills we have picked up during our journeys in the Caribbean, Central America, and Hawai’i. Then, in a quest to better understand the experience of the ancient cultures of the island, we will spend the second half of the class in a survival immersion. This part of the class will take place in a remote and spectacularly beautiful corner of the island, where we will live off of the land , in a handmade shelter. This is truly a life changing experience for people, and upon re-integrating with the modern world, most people find that this class enhances their lives on a daily level. These classes can be taken separately as one-week classes, but priority is given to students enrolling in both.