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Come Home To St Croix

In July of every year, Crucians who live abroad, those living here and others who have found a home on St. Croix heed the call to Come Home to St. Croix. This event offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to learn more about family history, traditions and connections. The St. Croix Landmarks Society, the oldest preservation society organization on St. Croix, hosts the event. It doesn’t matter if you are a visitor, a past or present resident, or you were born here. If you love St. Croix, then “Come Home” to learn about island life. Find out how families lived, what they ate, as well as how they shared love and culture. This is a great opportunity for families and groups to plan reunions because the program provides diverse opportunities for members to gather.


Event costs vary from free to a small admission fee for adults. Children are admitted free to most events when accompanied by their parents.


Please contact The St Croix Landmarks Society for information. Their website has extensive details about the events planned.