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Sail into the Sunset Aboard a Catamaran

St. Croix 100 - #70 Catamaran SailThere are few things so romantic in this world as the idea of sailing off into the sunset with the one you love. Picture cuddling up together as you slowly glide through the Caribbean Sea with the cool salt air kissing your face, and the beautiful hues of sunset reflecting off the water. If this sounds like heaven to you, hop aboard a catamaran with your partner here on St. Croix and take a sunset sail.

St. Croix is an ideal setting for a romantic sunset sail. Between the calm, cerulean waters and colorful Caribbean sunsets it’s hard NOT to fall in love with the island, and with each other. While any sailboat will offer a great experience, catamarans generally offer more deck space than monohulls. I recommend that you move around a bit and find the perfect vantage point from which to see the sun slip below the horizon. Also, keep an eye out for sea turtles as you will almost certainly see some as you sail along.

Lyric Sails

Another added benefit of choosing to take your sail on a catamaran is the additional stability these multi-hull boats provide, making for a smoother sail. Take advantage of this smooth ride to set the mood with cocktails, wine or champagne, and maybe some light hors d’oeuvres. Jolly Roger and Big Beard’s Adventure Tours each offer romantic sunset sails with unlimited rum punch included! Caribbean Sea Adventures also offers unlimited rum punch, but also includes snacks. Looking to really make an impression? Iditarum Charters offers a sunset dinner cruise, complete with wine and cocktails. Or, enjoy the sounds of live music while you sip champagne and enjoy catered hors d’oeuvre aboard Lyric Sails. Each sailing charter offers different amenities, so make sure to ask what is included when you make your reservations, as well as what you can bring with you to enjoy on the sail. I was lucky enough to be treated to a sunset dinner sail aboard a catamaran for my birthday one year, and the memory of that evening is still one of my favorite St. Croix memories.

As the sun sets, you and partner will enjoy a breathtaking view of the moon and stars. On a crystal-clear evening, you may even see the legendary ‘green flash’ at the moment the sun slips below the horizon. Enjoy a romantic and tranquil evening as you sail the Caribbean Sea with the one you love here on St. Croix.

– Jennie Ogden, Editor


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