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Enjoy a Romantic Couples Beach Massage

St. Croix 100 - #75 Couples MassageWhat could possibly be better than getting a massage on one of St. Croix’s picturesque beaches? How about sharing the experience with the one you love? Couples massages encourage bonding, increase the comfort level for both individuals, and offers a rare opportunity for you do something together where you’ll both leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. As if these weren’t reasons enough, imagine experiencing all of these things on a pristine beach, with the sound of waves lapping on the shore in the background, and the cool Caribbean breezes teasing your skin.

St. Croix is an opportune place to indulge in a couples beach massage. Not only does the island offer beautiful resort spas with beach side cabanas, but there are also massage therapists that specialize in outcall services that offer personalized beach side massage at a number of locations. St. Croix is also home to some beautiful white sand beaches, cooling trade wind breezes, and warm, turquoise Caribbean waters, making it the perfect location for a romantic couples massage.

If you have never experienced a couples massage, you can expect two therapists to work on you and your partner individually, but at the same time. If you or your partner have never had a massage, this is a great introduction because having your partner there with you is reassuring and can make you feel more comfortable. You and your partner can use your massage session to catch up and communicate, or simply relax and enjoy the shared experience in comfortable silence. As you can imagine, even when words are not spoken, this rejuvenating experience will bring you closer together.

When booking your couples massage, make sure to find out what you should wear since some spas/therapists will have you wear a bathing suit for beach massages. Also, consider adding a bottle of champagne or wine to your massage experience to make it more romantic, or plan to spend some time lounging at the beach and relaxing together after your massage. Take the time to truly enjoy your beach massage experience while spending quality time with your loved one in paradise.

– Jennie Ogden, Editor



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