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Eco-Tourism on St. Croix

St. Croix is unique in the fact that we are still considered ‘undiscovered’, and we have some of the best eco-tourism in the Caribbean. We are not over-run with tourists and you can still find the quiet, hidden places you image the Caribbean should be! Come to St. Croix to stay and explore our hidden treasures, dives into the local culture and environment.

Here you are free to explore an island environment from mountain peak to coral reef. Not only are there many eco-tourism activities to participate in while visiting St. Croix, there are also eco-friendly events through-out the year. The events offer experiences that are in sync with preserving our fragile ecology and focus on the natural world and its resources. Some of these events include Mango Melee, the AgriFest, turtle nesting watches, beach clean-ups, bush skills week, scuba diving and snorkeling charters. These events and more take place through out the year- check our calendar to see what is happening this month!

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