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Healthy Travel Practices

As St. Croix reopens to tourism as the COVID-19 restrictions are eased, we want to make sure visitors know what to expect when arriving to St. Croix and the USVI. It’s more important now than ever to follow the governmental guidelines for safe travel and to take responsibility for our own health, as well as the health and safety of those around us. As the US Virgin Islands welcomes visitors, we’ll share the top island wide safety precautions, healthy travel practices, and what you can expect during your stay.

Top Safety Precautions

  • Masks or facial coverings: “No Mask, No Service” is the current motto here in the USVI for all businesses, accommodations and public areas, so please come prepared. 
  • Social distancing: All businesses are required to physically distance patrons.  Please keep 6 feet away from others both indoors and outdoors, including on the beaches.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting: All businesses are following strict safety and hygiene protocols and frequently sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces. Do your part by washing your hands often, and covering your cough/sneeze with your elbow or a tissue. Use hand sanitizer or hand wash stations wherever they are provided by restaurants, shops, transportation operators, and businesses. 

What To Expect on St. Croix

For the highlights, you can download our flyer on what to expect on your trip to St. Croix:

Upon Arrival:

  • You will be screened and have your temperature taken at the airport
  • You will be required to complete a Travel screening Questionnaire
  • Passengers may be screened and quarantined by the Department of Health based on initial screening and questionnaire results

Transportation Services:

  • All taxis, buses, and limos are operating at only half of capacity
  • Vehicles are being cleaned and disinfected at frequent intervals
  • Drivers are wearing a mask/facial covering


  • Guests may have their temperature taken prior to check-in
  • All rooms and public areas are being sanitized and disinfected at frequent intervals
  • Some public areas, including swimming  may be limited to small number of guests at a time to adhere to social distancing

Restaurants & Bars:

  • Employees will be screened prior to their shifts
  • Servers and restaurant employees are required to wear a mask
  • Restaurants are limited to 50% capacity, or 50 guests, whichever is less
  • Hours of operation may be limited, call in advance for reservations

Retail Businesses & Attractions:

  • Group size is limited in many tours and attractions to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Hours of operation may be limited, call in advance for reservations
  • Retailers, except grocery and big box stores, are limited to 10 patrons

Healthy Travel Practices 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends travelers exercise the following healthy travel practices whenever traveling:

  • Wash hands often, or use hand sanitizer if you are unable to wash your 
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue
  • Consult with a doctor before traveling when sick
  • Stay up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Avoid contact with people who are already sick
  • Avoid contact with animals while traveling
  • Be aware of the latest travel advisories from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. State Department

For up-to-date information on US Virgin Islands travel information, please visit

While we are beginning to welcome visitors back to US Virgin Islands, we want everyone to please stay safe out there. Whether you are a resident of the island, or travelling to St. Croix, focus on doing the simple things that will keep you and those around you safe and healthy. As always, safe travels!

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

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