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Kendall Holmes Invents the K-Mill 360

Here at we often refer to St. Croix as the “fitness island” because of the wide variety of fitness venues, activities and events available year-round. What many may not know is that St. Croix is also home to one of the newest advancements in treadmill technology. Kendall Holmes, owner of the popular local Studio 360 Wellness & Fitness, invented and patented his own multi-directional treadmill. Aptly named the K-Mill 360, his prototype includes a rotating platform which works more muscle groups, offering a well rounded exercise routine and enabling users to improve balance and stability through multi-directional training.

Before we tell you more about the K-Mill 360, here’s a little about it’s inventor, Kendall Holmes… Kendall is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Movement Specialist, with over 26 years in the fitness industry. His clients have included athletes, those looking to loose weight, baby boomers, and people rehabilitating from injury. During his time on St. Croix, he has also collaborated with a chiropractor and physical therapist to launch a medical fitness program which facilitates the transition from rehab therapy to gym programs. Kendall’s time and experience led him to create the K-Mill 360 which utilizes a multi-directional protocol of forward, backwards, diagonal, and sideways movement during a exercise session individually designed to each user’s fitness level.

The best way to learn about the K-Mill 360 is for Kendall himself to tell you (and show you) how it works:

Basically, the K-Mill 360 enables you to practice a full range of motion never before possible on a traditional treadmill. From running backwards, side to side, to diagonally in any direction, you target muscle groups more efficiently, improve proprioception, and enhance agility. All of this will result in you achieving a better quality of life overall. Plus, according to Dr. Neil Wolkodoff: “The patented K-Mill 360 averaged 57% higher energy expenditure per minute than conventional walking at the same speed. This is most likely due to the fact that subjects have to use muscles that are not as efficient when moving sideways or backwards, and hence the higher energy expenditure.”

Kendall is currently working on producing the K-Mill 360 version two with even more features including state of the art software that allows you to see the muscles you are working in real time, tracks your progress and goals, and offers on-demand, live-streaming trainer-led multi-directional treadmill classes. To learn more, and to sign up to receive updates on what’s happening with the K-Mill 360, visit To try out the K-Mill 360 for yourself, visit Studio 360! Weekly, monthly and annual memberships are available, or you can schedule a personal training session with Kendall himself. 

Congratulations, Kendall! We wish you much success with producing the latest version of the K-Mill 360. Stay healthy and fit, St. Croix!

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

Studio 360

North Shore
(340) 514-8376


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