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My first massage on the beach won't be my last! Michael & Terry Dance, owners of Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered, are totally mobile and can come to you! They just happen to be at Chenay Bay Beach Resort this weekend and it was convenient for me to schedule a beach-side massage. Ohh, it was nice, so very nice.

Imagine: table on the palm-tree lined beach under the shade of a gazebo with the sea breeze blowing to keep you cool. Although I can't support my massage/body treatment habit, (or have the luxury of time anymore) I am pretty savvy in the area about knowing what the person expects of me or what can make the treatment a better experience all around. Like removing any jewelry that might get in the way or pulling your hair back so it is not uncomfortable. But, one major thing I did not realize with a massage on the beach that seems totally obvious to me now: Wear A Bathing Suit. Duh. Thankfully, I am not that modest and Terry held a sheet for me to get out of my clothes - keeping my unmentionables on. Then began my hour of bliss. Head to toe, back and front, with the sounds of the ocean in the background. It was still relaxing, and that just comes with the territory of a massage on a beach at a resort. I don't think anyone would complain about that. The breeze would gust and blow my cover off; Terry said she was in Frederiksted last week and it starting raining during the middle of an outdoor massage. Oh well. It happens!

It is important to indulge once in a while in activity just for yourself, like a relaxing massage or spa treatment. This was my first time with Terry (and it was great!), but I have had several treatments at various spas in my day. Upscale facility or the beauty of nature... my point is, vacation or not, spa facility, beach, or location of your choice, take some time to relax. You'll appreciate it and you deserve it, I certainly did! Oh, and don't is equally important to spend quality time with your partner, who may also need a bit of TLC. What better way than with a couples massage?! Enjoy some romantic relaxation on the beach, together. It's Michael and Terri's most requested treatment, and they consider it the house specialty. Let the relaxation begin!




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