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Mind, Body and Sole

Sole. Yes. As in the soles of your feet. Have you paid attention to them lately? Day after day, they bear the weight of, well, you. And they ache! They are dry and rough and not to mention the 3 month old polish on them! Guys, have you trimmed your toe nails lately?

I was a pedi junkie when I lived in the states. They were SO cheap. I would treat myself probably once a week. There were “salons” on every street corner. But, since living on St. Croix, I rarely treat myself anymore, which is strange since I am in flip flops or sandals every single day and my feet are on display. Ok, what I am getting at is I recently had one of the BEST pedicures ever at the The Buccaneer Hideaway Spa. My sister-in-law and I treated ourselves. She had a massage (which she raved about as well) and I sat in a comfy massage chair for 45 minutes while a very attentive specialist attended to my soles.

Gee, this is nice. Yes, thank you, I would like a bottle water. Oh, you have champagne? Sure, why not, I’ll have a glass. It was a time to reflect. When was the last time I did something like this for myself? I was able to clear my mind, not think about any thing. My entire body sank and melted into the leather massage chair that kneaded my back with its mechanical fists. I should do this more often! I am totally on a little mini-vacation for 45 minutes. No phones, no questions to answer, no crying baby; only Norah Jones on the iPod. Yes, I will do this more often. And so should you.

The major resorts on St. Croix, such as The Buccaneer and Tamarind Reef all have full service spas where you can indulge in head to toe treatments that are sure to send you further into bliss. There are also several freestanding day spas if you are in town and looking to treat yourself – check out Pampered VI, Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered, or Tropical Therapy VI. Consider a massage, body scrub, a soothing skin treatment after being in the sun too long, a facial, or manicure. You can even make an entire day of it. OH MY!

Gentlemen, please don’t think this is just a way for the ladies to relax. Nothing is more attractive than a guy who is not afraid to take care of himself. A massage will relax you (improve your golf game); a mani and pedi will earn you more kisses, and a body scrub will leave your skin feeling so soft that she won’t be able to keep her hands off you (ask my husband)!

Let your mind mind and body relax while someone else pampers you! You’ll feel refreshed and renewed!

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