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Get Fit

It’s New Year’s time again, that time of year when we all make promises to ourselves (or ‘resolutions’) to do things like get in shape, eat better, stress less, spend more time with family…you get the idea.  Well, St. Croix offers a great opportunity for you to make this the year you make one of the more popular resolutions a reality: getting in shape (otherwise known as exercising more or getting active).

St. Croix is a fitness island!  Each year the island hosts a multitude of events from fun family fitness events to full triathlons, including: the St. Croix Triathlon, the Coral Reef Swim Race, the St. Croix Scenic 50 Race, the Fort to Fort Race, the Women’s Coalition Tennis Classic, Kayak for Kids, and much, MUCH more!  Aside from the annual fitness events held on St. Croix, you can also find a variety of gyms, fitness classes, and outdoor activities to help you get your fit on!  Here are some great options for you to consider this year:


You can join a gym, but we recommend an outdoor fitness class or sessions with a personal trainer for those looking for a little extra assistance meeting their fitness goals. Try Stone Bodyworks Wellness, Studio 360 or Beeston Hill Health and Wellness for great class and personal training options. Spinning classes are also now available from the new boutique spinning studio iCycle.


Popular worldwide, crossfit is now available here on St. Croix! 340 CrossFit offers classes for all ages and fitness levels, providing functional fitness and weight training that will help you meet your fitness goals in a supportive environment.  


One of the most popular forms of exercise on St. Croix, yoga classes are available for all levels of practitioners at The Courtyard. Try Buti yoga, Eldoa, or aerial yoga for something new and different. You can even take a spin/yoga combination class to get the best of cardio fitness followed by deep stretches and breathing.


Take advantage of the beautiful ocean surrounding St. Croix by taking up swimming.  If you are not a comfortable swimmer, consider taking swimming lessons with the St. Croix Dolphins to learn proper form and technique.  

Water Sports: 

Take up a new water sport! Rent stand up paddle boards, kite boards, surf boards, or kayaks at several different locations island wide, you can even take a lesson or two to get started. All of these water sports activities offer great exercise while still allowing you to take in the beauty of St. Croix from the water. 


St. Croix also offers golf, tennis, biking, volleyball, soccer, and even kickball. There are a number of clubs and organizations you can join to help you meet new people who share the love of a common sport or activity while getting your fit on!

Other Outdoor Activities:  

Running, walking and hiking are very popular fitness activities on the island.  There are trails island wide, but many locals suggest the jogging trail at The Buccaneer, or the Christiansted Bypass, for running or walking.  For a list of hiking trails, contact the St. Croix Hiking Association, and don’t miss the hiking trails at: Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay, Goat Hill, Annaly Bay Tide Pools and Ham’s Bluff. 

Whether you choose to enjoy the outdoor beauty St. Croix offers while getting active, or you participate in group classes or activities at a gym or studio, the best advice for getting fit and staying fit is to pick physical activities you enjoy and that match your abilities.  Remember, exercise can be fun if you find the right fitness activity for you! 

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