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It is the week of Thanksgiving and Crucians are gearing up to celebrate island style. It’s that time of year, again… The festive mood is contagious and there is an event nearly every single day, none of which should be missed.I know everyone on St. Croix is thankful to be in such a vibrant and beautiful place, filled with warm people, laughter and good times. Our holiday weather is just icing on the cake. Fall in the northeast has it’s charms, but I can’t ever argue with 85 degrees and sunny! So this year, let’s be thankful for the warmth of St. Croix that comes as much from the people as it does from the sun.There are so many great events planned for Thanksgiving weekend, I know I am going to be exhausted by Sunday.

  • Thursday is obviously the day to worship the almighty turkey (or mahi or wahoo, here on St. Croix!). We are going the traditional route this year, house filled with our ‘island family’, (they are a pretty good substitute when the others can’t make the trip), a giant turkey with all the fixin’s and plenty of pie.
  • Friday night is Jump Up in Christiansted. We do Black Friday (the official first day of holiday shopping) right! Instead of 5 am stampedes into a department store, Crucians turn it into a party! Christiansted will be jamming from 6 – 10 pm.
  • Saturday is a NEW extended Jump Up starting at 10 am lasting all day. Activities including yoga, snorkeling and scuba clinics, holiday crafts, hula hoop and hip hop classes, dancing classes and performances, cocktails and wine tasting and topped off with a Movie at the Fort on the lawn.
  • Sunday is Starving Artist Day at Whim Plantation Museum.

Whew! It’s going to be a busy Thanksgiving week. We’ll get a short break afterwards, but Christmas and Festival are right around the corner!