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Beach Side Cafe, located at Sand Castle on the Beach resort in Frederiksted, is a world class restaurant offering lunch, tapas, dinner and Sunday Brunch. When you first arrive, you will immediately embrace the setting: the open air dining room, the postcard perfect beach. The serenely calm sea laps at the sand, and colorful sunsets light up the sky like a giant painting. Except it's real.

Simone and Sheryl, owners of Sand Castle on the Beach Resort and it's onsite restaurant, Beach Side Cafe, first came to St. Croix on vacation in 1999 and fell in love with the island. After making the permanent move to St. Croix, they bought the hotel. Simone and Sheryl call themselves 'reluctant restaurateurs'. Once the hotel was running smoothly and renovations were underway, they began working on the biggest amenity their guests would want - an on-site restaurant. And so they boldly added a new title to their posts - restaurateurs. Several years and improvements later, the Beach Side Cafe has established itself as a favorite on the West End in the St. Croix dining scene with a well-deserved reputation for quality.

In 2003, while sitting at their newly erected Iguana Bar, enjoying the views and the lush sea grape trees around the bar, Simone and Sheryl tossed around the idea of starting a winery with the sea grapes. But the iguanas, for which the bar is named, had their own ideas and ate the abundance of grapes. Sheryl and Simone opted to host wine dinners instead. And the Beach Side Cafe Wine Club was born.

Beach Side Cafe Sunset, St. Croix, USVI

Beach Side Cafe is the recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for several years running, for their well chosen wine selection from quality producers. The monthly gathering at Beach Side Cafe is loosely labeled a Wine Club. There is a core group of patrons who attend regularly, but the event is open to any and all who would like to participate, especially St. Croix visitors. Above all, Wine Club is about the experience; enjoying the company of friends over a few great glasses of wine and the tasty bites that accompany them, while watching the sun set over the sea. Each month, the restaurant brings in a Wine Expert to choose the wines for the evening and host a discussion about the winemaker, their location, and what makes the wine unique.

Simone and Sheryl are humble hoteliers and restaurateurs They work hard to ensure their guests are happy and enjoying themselves. As they explain, "Bottom line, we wanted to create a place where we, ourselves, wanted to spend time and a place that we could share with everyone else."Editor's Note: Wine Club typically takes place on the second Friday of each month. Beach Side Cafe serves lunch and dinner Friday thru Monday, plus Sunday Brunch. Reservations are always a good idea!