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Buck Island Sunday Funday
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Rainbow over Udall
Mocko Jumbies

A widely used term throughout the Caribbean, ‚’jump up’ means ‘to dance’. Here on St. Croix, Jump Up is a party in the streets of Christiansted. Originally started as a way to boost the economy and spread cheer for the people on the island, it has become one of St. Croix’s favorite social events among locals and visitors alike. Music, dancing, food, drinks, street vendors and the iconic Mocko Jumbies all come together and Christiansted comes alive. On the night of Jump Up the streets, the boardwalk, and the restaurants of Christiansted are filled with people enjoying the sights and sounds, sipping local beverages and savoring the delicious food of St. Croix.

Also a favorite for everyone is the Mocko Jumbies. An old cultural tradition brought over from Africa, these stilt dancers mock the evil spirits, also known as ‚’jumbies’, to scare them away. The Mocko Jumbies are NOT to be missed, they dance up and down the streets to the music on six foot stilts.

Jump Up takes place 4 times per year, and each has a special theme:

February – Valentine’s Day

May – Triathlon

July – Alexander Hamilton Day

November – Holidays

Enjoy the street festival atmosphere of Jump Up. This is Christiansted the way it should be enjoyed!