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Driving north from Frederiksted, you would never know that the small Northside Valley sign tucked among the bougainvillea led to such an incredible place. An "off-the-beaten-path" accommodation option for your St. Croix vacation with effortless eco-friendly comfort, Northside Valley offers beautiful eco villas that minimizes the impact of human habitation on the surrounding environment.

Ginger VanderveerGinger Vanderveer, owner of Northside Valley, grew up on the property and knows every plant, every stone, like the back of her hand. She grew up enjoying the fruits of Northside Valley - literally. The mangoes and avocados, papayas, coconuts and sweet oranges. She can tell you what each plant is, how to use it, whether for food or medicinal uses. She'll point out the wild coffee plants, the banana groves, the cherry saplings, and pomegranate trees, which leaves to rub on a mosquito bite and which to use for tea. Ginger strives to encourage the natural landscape and indigenous plants to best suit both the valley and her guests.


Northside Valley is a perfect example of a nearly symbiotic relationship between nature and simple living. Each villa is comfortably appointed with modern amenities while minimizing the impact on the surroundings. Collected rain water is held in cisterns and heated for bathing by the sun. There are grey water systems in place to recycle bath and dish water for irrigating plants. Fallen trees and branches on the property are reused to make furniture, counter tops, or used for camp-fire cooking.

Northside Valley St Croix
As a vacation accommodation, you couldn't ask for more. Private villas with nearly floor to ceiling windows - allowing the island breezes to flow through the space, no need for air conditioning. Inside, large open spaces that are comfortably furnished. Outside, large private decks for lounging or enjoying a meal. Each villa is surrounded by beautiful tropical flora - fruit trees, flowers and greens giving you ultimate privacy. Glimpse the Caribbean sea from your porch or window, framed by the swaying palms.

Northside Valley St Croix
Explore all that the West End has to offer just steps away from your villa. Northside Valley beach, directly across the road from the property, is the perfect setting for watching the sunset, launching one of Northside's ocean kayaks, or snorkeling the clear waters dotted with coral. The property is surrounded by things to do - with three beaches within walking distance and many more just a short bike ride or drive away. Visit Monk's Bath tidal pools or hike the trails that wind through the valley. The historic town of Frederiksted is only three miles to the south and offers shops, restaurants, the pier, scuba diving excursions, bike rentals, guided tours and more! Northside Valley is perfectly positioned to allow it's guests to experience all that St. Croix has to offer.




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