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Go for a Run or Walk

St. Croix 100 - #22 Walk or RunThere are many areas here on St. Croix to go for a run or, if your more my speed, a walk. If you are going to get some exercise, you might as well enjoy the fresh ocean air, the year-round summer climate, and the scenic views.

Whether you are a resident looking for a new route, or a visitor looking to keep up your fitness routine, we have compiled a list of routes for you to consider based on which part of the island you are closest to…


Christiansted Bypass (Route 66): About one and a half miles long the bypass is a large hill, a nice sidewalk, and some parking on each end. This route offers great views of Christiansted Harbor and Gallows Bay.

Estate Hermon Hill Road: Off of Route 83 this road leads through the Hermon Hill neighborhood, over rolling hills. The road is about one mile long and paved, but no sidewalks.

East End

CURRENTLY NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC : Jogging Trail at The Buccaneer: A meandering three mile trail offering both flat areas and hills, offering amazing views of The Buccaneer golf course and the Caribbean Sea. Free parking is available in the parking lot just outside of the resort entrance near the trail access.

Cramer’s Park to Point Udall: A nice, even, paved road, about one and a half miles long from Cramer’s Park to Point Udall. There is plenty of parking at Cramer’s Park, but you will have to run on the street since there is no sidewalk.

South Shore Road: A relatively straight four mile stretch of road between Grapetree Bay and Great Pond. There is no sidewalk, but the road is paved and the view of the South Shore and the sea is breathtaking.

Neighborhood Roads: There are several major neighborhood roads that wind through the East End quarters, such as Seven Flags Road or Tipperary Road, which offer paved (or partially paved) roads.

Chenay Bay Beach to Green Cay Marina: If you are looking for a great beach run (or walk) park at the Chenay Bay and walk to the end of the beach at Green Cay Marina. This route is just over half a mile each way, but you get great resistance from the sand.

North Shore

North Shore Road (Cane Bay to Carambola Beach Resort): A mile and a half each way, this route offers amazing North Shore ocean views, and areas shaded by subtropical rainforest. You can park at Cane Bay beach, or just outside of the Carambola Beach Resort.

The Beast (Route 69): This well known hill starts at North Shore Road and winds uphill to the Carambola Golf Course. A well known feature of the St. Croix Ironman Triathlon, The Beast is a 600 foot uphill ‘climb’ in a stretch of highway about three-quarters of a mile long with a steep grade.

West End

Frederiksted Pier: Run or speed walk your way down to the end of the pier and back for an energizing workout. The pier is only about one-third of a mile long (so if you are in good shape you might need to do a few ‘laps’), but the view of the island’s picturesque West End is stunning.

Route 63: Head along Route 63 going north out of Frederiksted. This is a relatively straight mile and a half long stretch of road, along the shore of the West End along Frederiksted Beach and Rainbow Beach. There is no sidewalk, but the road is paved; however, you do need to watch for potholes.

No matter where you choose to run or walk, please keep your personal health and safety in mind. Here are a few things for your consideration:

  • Take plenty of water with you and stay hydrated.
  • The sun us very intense on St. Croix, so be sure to wear sunblock and/or other sun protection.
  • The roads here on the island are narrow and curvy in areas which can make it difficult for drivers to see you, so please be aware of surrounding cars.
  • Many of the roads have potholes, loose gravel, or uneven surfaces, so watch where you are running and wear proper shoes.
  • If you are going to park your vehicle and leave it to go for a run, do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Enjoy your time on the island (even your exercise), and consider taking a dip in the Caribbean Sea to cool off when your done with your run!

– Jennie Ogden, Editor
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