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St. Croix Manners Matter

St. Croix is a real Caribbean island with real West Indian people, from many different islands. The people here are very reserved and proper, and manners are extremely important. To make the most of your hard earned vacation, you should be aware of some manners and customs that matter to the residents of St. Croix; they are part of the charm of what makes the Crucian experience unique.

  1. The first thing you say to someone as a greeting should be “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” or “Good Night” depending on the time of day. If you jump right into a conversation with someone before offering one of these greetings, they will find it rude and most likely let you know. People here tend to be reserved, but once you greet and engage them, they will warm up to you and be as friendly as can be.
  2. Don’t be surprised if people toot their car horns at you. Shorter than a HONK, Horn tooting is a friendly gesture. Two short toots often means “Hi” or “Go ahead” or “Thank you.” Drivers will toot to let you cross the street or let you pull out into traffic. Drivers may toot at each other to say hello or to get the attention of someone they know. Don’t be surprised if they slow down or stop for a moment to chat with a passerby. Give them a moment (remember, you’re on island time).
  3. Enjoy the slower pace. Sometimes I think service is slow on purpose; to remind those visiting that you need to slow down and relax. Whatever it is can wait a few more minutes… enjoy this minute, enjoy this view, enjoy the fresh warm salty air, because next week you’ll be back to a place where life is hectic, and you’ll be wishing you had more time on St. Croix.
  4. Be respectful and cover up when walking around town or the grocery store. I know that you are reveling in the fact that it is warm and sunny and you want to go home with a tan, but the bathing suits should be confined to the boat, beach or pool. Bare shoulders, too short shorts and unbuttoned shirts are frowned upon in public. Respect the law and the local customs. Men: wear a shirt and women: wear a conservative cover up when out and about.

If you are looking for a true West Indian island, no fluff, a place to relax, but still luxurious, something to do, but only if you choose to, natural beauty and warm, friendly people, then St. Croix is the place for you.