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St. Croix 100 - #69 WebcamAs St. Croix’s ever watchful eye, the GoToStCroix.com webcam on the Christiansted boardwalk has seen it all. On a ‘normal’ day, you can see the calm, blue waters of Christiansted Harbor dotted with boats gently rocking in the trade wind breezes. As the day goes by, you can watch boats come and go from the harbor, ferrying visitors and residents alike off to fun adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, day trips to Buck Island, or sunset sails. Across the world, viewers use the GoToStCroix.com webcam as their screensavers, or they check in daily to get a little taste of paradise in their corner of the globe. The webcam is also a beacon of warmth for those living in cold climates, and it’s a way for visitors of St. Croix to fondly look in on the boardwalk happenings even after they have departed the island.

Ironman Triathletes group photo | Family waving to webcam at Rum Runners Deck Bar

The GoToStCroix.com webcam, also known at the St. Croix Cam on EarthCam, is witness to unique Crucian celebrations like the Christiansted jump ups, and the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Caribbean. You can get in the Christmas spirit by watching the annual St. Croix Christmas Boat Parade as it lights up the harbor, and you can enjoy show when the locals dress up their dogs for a themed parade along the boardwalk in the annual ‘Krewe de Barkus Dog Parade’ fundraiser. Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to see a wedding take place in front of the webcam! Several couples who have chosen to tie the knot here in St. Croix, but want their friends and family in other places to be able to watch, have held their wedding ceremony in front of the webcam.

Webcam Wedding - Troy & Sandy

 Since the webcam is a live stream, one of the best things to use it for (aside from long distance weddings) is to greet your friends and family back home. You can call and talk to your family while they watch you via the webcam from their computer, or you can schedule a time for them to be watching for you. Make the experience even more fun by holding up one of the pre-made signs stored at the Deck Bar at Rum Runners that say ‘wish you were here’, ‘sunny and 85′ or ‘i love you’. If you want a more personalized greeting, consider making your own sign…just keep in mind that the St. Croix webcam got over a million views in 2013, so your friends and family won’t be the only ones that see it! Do a little dance, blow someone kisses, hold up your sign, or raise a toast to those back home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you stop by the GoToStCroix.com webcam and wave ‘hello’ to your family, friends, and all the viewers out there that wish they were here! 

– Jennie Ogden, Editor




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