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Beach Guide, Family Photo Session with Kelly Greer, St. Croix, USVI
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St Croix Beaches

Cramer’s Park Beach is located on the north shore of St. Croix’s East End, near Point Udall and is surrounded by Knight Bay and Boiler Bay. This is a large public park and beach, and it is popular with the locals for family gatherings and parties. On the weekend this place is more like an amusement park than the beach. There are people everywhere, each having there own stereo, each listening to something different, and LOUD! If you want peace and quiet, then go during the week, or spend your time underwater.  On the plus side, the water is shallow and typically very calm, making it a great spot for kids. The water at Cramer Park also offers great snorkeling.  Camping is allowed, and there are bathrooms onsite, as well as grills, picnic tables, and tons of shade from the seagrape trees.

Beach Guide, Cramer's Park, St. Croix, USVI


Plenty of parking is available, and since it is a public park there are bathrooms, grills, picnic tables, and lots of shade onsite. Camping is also allowed.



Follow Route 82 towards Point Udall/Cramer’s Park and turn left into the gate at Cramer’s Park.


The waters at this beach are within the Recreational Zone of the St. Croix East End Marine Park. Hook-and-line fishing is only permitted from the beach to 100 ft from shore.  All other beach-based fishing (spearfishing, diving for conch) is prohibited. Personal watercraft are permitted from the eastern boundary of Cramer’s Park (Cottongarden Point) west to Teague Point only.  


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