If you are looking for a fun, tropical family vacation, St. Croix is the place for you! Take the family for a day trip out to Buck Island where you can snorkel, float and enjoy a beach barbecue. Try a new water sport such as stand up paddle-boarding or kayaking. Want to take a break from the water? How about taking everyone on an ATV or a Tan Tan off-road tour of the rainforest? If you want something entertaining for the evening, take the kids out to one of the many restaurants or resorts that host hermit crab races…you can even bet on a crab to win prizes! And make sure your family catches one of St. Croix’s many Caribbean nights where you can enjoy a dinner of local fare and see the iconic mocko jumbies. The possibilities for family fun are endless, the tough part is deciding which activity to do first! [associated-posts]

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