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Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools & Northside Valley Beach

Northside Valley Beach and the Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools are located on the northwest corner of St. Croix, near Northside Valley. This beach is very secluded and more than likely you’ll have the whole place to yourself. Northside Valley Beach is tiny and mostly rocky, but great for exploring and snorkeling. Hike towards the north and you will find the Monk’s Bath Tidal Pools.

Location: West End

If you are up for an adventure, the rocky shoreline makes for incredible snorkeling. Just be careful when entering and exiting the water as urchins like to live in the crevices.

We recommend wearing shoes, as the rock formations can be very sharp. Since the terrain is precarious, we recommend you take someone with you for safety reasons if you choose to go here.


This beach is located 3 miles north of the town of Frederiksted. Once you pass the Northside Valley sign, drive about 1/4 mile further until you see a large facility building on the right. Park on the left side of the road, but don’t leave valuables in the car.



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Simple Living on the West End

Driving north from Frederiksted, you would never know that the small Northside Valley sign tucked among the bougainvillea led to such an incredible place. An “off-the-beaten-path” accommodation option for your St. Croix vacation with effortless eco-friendly comfort, Northside Valley offers beautiful eco villas that minimizes the impact of human habitation on the surrounding environment. Ginger Vanderveer, owner…

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Northside Valley

Eco Villas by the Sea! Northside Valley’s eight villas lie within a few hundred yards of several beaches (Northside Beach, Butler’s Bay, and Monk’s Bath).  Our villas, nestled into the valley, afford sea views, full kitchens and large decks/patios.  Stargaze or relax on your villa’s deck and enjoy the breezes wafting by. Our lush tropical…

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