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St. Croix Pocket Map

The 2022-2023 edition of the St. Croix Pocket Map is here! The St. Croix Pocket Map is meant for navigating our challenging roadways, and it's  packed with helpful info and phone numbers. By design, it is small enough to keep with you, making it the littlest map with the biggest following. Please support the businesses that made the map possible - we have listed them below for your convenience, along with links to learn more about each business.


The St. Croix Pocket Map is intended for personal use only and cannot be posted or used online or in print.  The St. Croix Pocket Map is owned by USVI based company Island Business Graphics. is the exclusive production and distribution representative for this map.

2022_STX-Pocket-Map_Town Side


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St. Croix Pocket Map Cover Art

Hams Bluff Lighthouse is the newest addition to the series of vintage style St. Croix posters created by The Hams Bluff Lighthouse was designed and built by the Danish from 1913-1915, and was constructed of cast iron on a concrete foundation, topped with a white with a black cupola. Unfortunately, the lighthouse was deactivated in the mid-1990s and is now deteriorating. For the poster, GOTO chose to captured the iconic lighthouse in it's original glory as it was before it's deactivation.

To learn more about the historic Hams Bluff lighthouse, and how you can see this iconic landmark while it is still standing, click here.