Buck Island Charters

Enjoy smooth sailing to Buck Island aboard the Teroro II and Dragonfly

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Sweeny's Tours

Take a guided tour of St. Croix and learn about the island's history, cultural traditions, botany, and more.

Caravelle Hotel & Casino

The latest in classic and contemporary slot machines, giveaways, hot seat promotions and more!

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Adventure Awaits

Read about some of the many adventures awaiting you on St. Croix!

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Yoga and Fitness

Yoga and Fitness

Thanks to a wide variety of yoga and fitness studios, it’s easy to stay active here on St. Croix. Take advantage of St. Croix’s athletic events by participating in one of our races held through out the year or sign up for guest membership at one of St. Croix’s gyms or health clubs. How about a personal trainer to meet you for a run on the beach? St. Croix athletic events happen year-round and encompass a variety of activities. Or get your Om on in the beautiful setting the island of St. Croix provides for your practice and meditation. Join an established yoga class or hire a yogi to come to you. Relax and feel great while doing yoga on the beach, the outdoor deck of a hillside home, or a historic open air gallery, with all classes taught by experienced, certified professionals. Namaste, island lovers!

340 Crossfit

340 CrossFit

Get your fitness fix on STX!  At 340 CrossFit, we are dedicated to helping our members achieve their fitness goals.  We offer a positive and encouraging environment that caters to students of all ages and abilities.  Our one hour workouts are designed to improve functional movement through highly intense and constantly varied skills than can…

(340) 513-8703

Studio 360

Wellness awaits you at Studio 360! Studio 360 is a boutique style gym focusing on functional movement and overall well being. The studio specializes in personal training and small group classes for all ages. The classes range from high intensity to meditation and provide a balanced approach to help anyone achieve their fitness and wellness…

North Shore
(340) 514-8376
Beeston Hill Health and Wellness

Beeston Hill Health and Wellness

Beeston Hill is a comprehensive athletic and medical facility, with chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitative services as well as a fully-equipped gym and fitness complex. Beeston Health features a full weight floor with all you need to build mass and strength. Our separate Cardio Studio includes treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, and rowing machines to…

(340) 778-8888
The Courtyard Juices & Fitness Studio

The Courtyard Juices & Fitness Studio

The Courtyard is the spot for all your fitness class needs! The Courtyard is a fitness studio and juice bar conveniently located in the heart of downtown Christiansted, directly across the street from the Government House. Enjoy a variety...

(340) 773-7728
Stone Bodyworks Wellness

Stone Bodyworks Fitness

Stone Bodyworks Fitness is a practice dedicated to the mindful integration of fitness and wellness into everyday life. Owner, Stacey Stone is a holistic health & fitness coach with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.  Offering personal...

East End
(828) 280-4987


Find your pace, get into your zone, and sweat it out at St. Croix’s boutique indoor cycling studio. iCycle combines great music with a great workout! We offer a number of classes, including: SOCA-SPIN every Saturday, 45-min rides where...

(340) 244-4847