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Internet/Phone/TV - Viya, St. Croix, USVI
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Viya – The vibe that connects us!

Being surrounded by the warm Caribbean Sea, St. Croix offers a vast array of fish and sealife. Schools of tropical fish mingle around the colorful coral reefs, dolphins play in the deeper waters, and octopus hide among the rocks and bits of coral. St. Croix is a well known haven for nesting sea turtles including the green, hawksbill, and the massive leatherback sea turtle varieties. For several months out of the year humpback whales even migrate through the waters off the coast of the North Shore. To get a closer look at the diverse sea life St. Croix has to offer, you can dive or snorkel with these amazing fish and sea creatures in their natural habitat, so even enjoy a peak at some of them from shore.