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Animals of St. Croix

By land or by sky, the island of St. Croix is home to a variety of animals and birds. The rainforest and bush are home to unique animals like mongoose, iguanas, and even hermit crabs. Many visitors are also surprised to find that deer have found a home here.  The island's agricultural scene breeds domesticated animals such as horses, goats, sheep, and Senepol cattle as well as the often seen (and heard) chickens and roosters. Birdwatchers are thrilled to find that the skies, land and coastline are home to a multitude of birds including pelicans, egrets, kestrels, and hummingbirds, in addition to our beautiful state bird, the bananaquit. As you enjoy your time on St. Croix, make sure you take in the diverse wildlife the island has to offer... it's everywhere.





Insects & Bugs

While many people are not big fans of bugs, St. Croix is an entomologist's dream! Yes, we have those pesky mosquitoes, but the island is also host to a number of wonderfully strange and sometime even beautiful insects and bugs. For example, if you look in the frangipani trees you may spot the colorful sphinx moth caterpillars munching on leaves. As you make your way around the island you will see lots of colorful little butterflies and moths fluttering around the flowers and bushes. You may even be fortunate enough to find some of the well camouflaged walking stick bugs or green stink bugs, which look like little green leaves. Keep your eyes open, you never know what you may find!