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Harbor Cam is now Hi-Def, Streaming Video

Watch the sunrise * Watch the moonrise * Check the weather conditions in the harbor * Keep an eye on the boats * Watch as crew for S.C.U.B.A. and Big Beards prepare for a day at sea * Keith * The beginning of your walking tour * The end of your jeep tour * Happy Hour at the Deck Bar * Island Guests waving to loved ones * Marriage Proposals * Weddings * Vow Renewals * Parades (for people and for dogs!) * Contests * Fishing Tournaments * Protests * Prayer Sessions * The Annual Triathlon Group Photo * CoralFire * Mocko Jumbies * Jump Up * Fireworks and Good Cheer at the Boat Parade * and so on and so on and so on…. All free. All the time.

The upgrades to our Christiansted Harbor Cam are complete! Thank you to our partners at Rum Runners and the Caravelle Hotel & Casino for the perfect location, Broadband VI for their hi-speed connectivity, and long time sponsor Vacation St. Croix. Because of their collaboration, is able to broadcast the ‘St. Croix Scene’ as state of the art, with:

  • Hi Definition * Streaming Video
  • Mobile Friendly (as in, it works on your smart phone)
  • One-Click Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Email
  • Check in to the “Christiansted Harbor Cam” on Facebook (and post your photo!)
  • Check in to the “Christiansted Harbor Cam” on Foursquare
  • Check in to the “Christiansted Harbor Cam” on Google+
  • Scan our new sign with your smartphone and you’ll be able to see yourself live on the webcam, too!

But wait, there’s more….Did you know we are also an Earthcam Affiliate – they have webcams in some amazing places in the world. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Earthcam, the island of St. Croix receives tons of extra visibility only possible with Today, we can say goodbye to the old camera – it sure has seen a lot of action. Here’s a short time-lapse video of “A Day in the Life” of the old Christiansted Harbor Cam. Stay tuned for more – only now it’ll be in hi def streaming excellence. We love ya, St. Croix.

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