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Underwater Wedding

St. Croix residents John Santino and Toni Wilson made history in 2010…by breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest underwater wedding. 103 certified divers, including the bride and groom, submerged for the brief nuptials at Rainbow Beach, easily surpassing the existing record of 39 underwater guests. 

To verify their presence, guests signed slates both above and below the ocean’s surface. The large number of sand-stirring witnesses and the season’s weather conditions limited visibility, yet the “I Dos” were all spelled out on laminated sheets of paper that the couple used for their vows.

Underwater Wedding

After officiant, Captain John Macy, signaled to the newlyweds that they were now married, Toni, John, and all their companions surfaced to greet dry guests at the Rainbow Beach Bar, where rum and cokes and hamburgers completed the affair. Talk about an island-style wedding! Toni had her dream wedding, and it was stress free.

When asked why the couple decided on an underwater wedding, the bride said: “I didn’t want to plan a ‘real’ wedding.” This was indeed a real wedding, a great news story, and a wonderful way for St. Croix to go down in history as the location for the world’s largest Underwater Wedding.If you are thinking about an underwater wedding, consider St. Croix! With beautiful beaches, great Caribbean diving, and several qualified officiants, St. Croix offers everything you need to say “I do” below the big ol’ blue.

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