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Mango Melee takes place every July and is hosted by the St. George Village Botanical Gardens. Please check our calendar for this year’s date. This popular summer event helps develop a greater appreciation for tropical fruits, especially mangoes, and educates the public about growing these fruits and the many ways they can be used. Mango Melee offers educational workshops as well as fun activities for children and helps raise funds for the programs the Garden presents throughout the year.

Mango Dis, Mango Dat is a food competition that has been building in popularity over the past few years. Chefs and cooks from around the Virgin Islands will be invited to compete. There are four categories in which mangoes must feature prominently:

* Sips (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
* Sweets (and desserts)
* Salsas (and sauces)
* Stuff (any miscellaneous foods that don’t fit in the other categories)

There will be prizes awarded in all categories, and tastes of the winning entries will be available for sale.

There will also be a tropical juice making demonstration and tasting, various mango contests, a Tropical Fruit Identification contest and the ever-popular kids’ Mango Eating Contest will again be offered. And, of course, local food and drinks on sale as well as scores of craft vendors. The Botanical Gardens will also have a bar featuring tropical rum drinks, and the Garden and Museum and Store will be open. The day ends with a Silent Auction on the tropical fruits that have been on display in the Great Hall for the event.

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