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St. Croix in the Media

From newspaper and magazine articles, to online publications and TV shows, you will see St. Croix, USVI featured in media and the press from all over the world.

The Least-Visited U.S. Virgin Island is the Ideal Caribbean Escape  (Thrillest)  "You could say Saint Croix’s main “weakness” is one of its biggest strengths. One of the three U.S. Virgin Islands—which includes Saint John and Saint Thomas—St. Croix is often overlooked for its more tourist- and cruise-centric siblings. But it’s precisely this lack of overt commercialism that siren calls first-time vacationers, repeat visitors, and lifelong locals in the know. A less-visited Caribbean destination is a winner in our books. It also doesn’t hurt that the tropical island abuts a turquoise stretch of the Caribbean Sea or that its 84 square miles offer a mixture of both metropolitan perks and rural retreats."

St. Croix is enjoying a bit of the spotlight  (Travel Weekly)  "Right now the island, which sits just south of the more well-known USVI sister islands of St. Thomas and St. John, is experiencing a bit of a resurgence, with the help of revamped hospitality businesses and pioneering new conservation efforts that are preserving what was always perfect about it. In December, Congress designated the entire island a National Heritage Area, recognizing the unique confluence of historical, cultural and natural attractions."

The Bidens make an island escape ahead of consequential 2024 announcement (CNN)  "President Joe Biden this week returns to St. Croix, one of his and first lady Jill Biden’s beloved vacation spots, seeking a final opportunity for rest before what is expected to be a contentious 2023 and reelection run."

The Caribbean Travel Awards 2023 - Culinary Destination of the Year: St Croix, US Virgin Islands (Caribbean Journal)  "Spend a week on St Croix and you’ll marvel at the sheer diversity of the island’s eateries, from Christiansted to Cane Bay to Frederiksted and everywhere in between, where farm-to-table, sustainability and culinary creativity are a way of life. The quality is pervasive and exceptional, with a focus on locally-sourced, authentic, unforgettable food."

This Caribbean Island Has Beautiful Beaches, Charming Hotels, and Incredible Scuba Diving (Travel + Leisure Magazine) "The perfect combination of cosmopolitan and rugged, St. Croix appeals to a broad range of adventurous and culturally curious travelers."

The Joy of St. Croix (Conde Nast Traveler) "The forgotten Virgin, St. Croix ogled by Columbus, boyhood home of Alexander Hamilton, getaway to Richard Nixon is making a spectacular comeback. Amy Engeler finds the once-scruffy island is a great escape."

How Kamie Crawford Spent 24 Hours in St. Croix (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit) "Explore Christiansted like a local with the SI Swimsuit rookie." See the video below!

5 Exotic Places Where You Don't Need a Passport (Smarter Travel)  "The U.S. Virgin Islands lie mere minutes away from Puerto Rico by plane. Made up of three main islands—St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John—plus a scattering of smaller isles, the U.S.V.I. relies heavily on tourism, and has slowly made a comeback after hurricanes in recent years....Danish-flavored and diverse St. Croix is a favorite of luxury-seeking honeymooners."

The 8 Most Underrated Caribbean Islands (Family Vacation Critic)  "1. St. Croix. Although the U.S. Virgin Islands in general is a popular destination for Americans because of the ease of traveling there, St. Croix is the least touted of the main three islands, which also include St. Thomas and St. John."

The Top Six Travel Destinations To Visit In Winter 2020 (Forbes magazine)  "The Crucian Christmas Carnival boasts musical acts, calypso shows, parades, and food fairs—the latter of which is particularly enticing, considering the island of St. Croix is establishing itself as one of the premier culinary destinations in the Caribbean."

20 Destinations With The Most Stunning Sunsets (You Can Actually Afford To Go To) (  #1 St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

15 Kid-Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the U.S. That Cater to Families  (Family Vacationist)  "14. The Buccaneer - St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands | Big families or multigenerational groups looking to splurge can opt for The Beach House, a private six-bedroom unit with its own beach and private pool. Other family-friendly accommodations include the “family cottage suite,” which has bedrooms, a patio, and its own lawn. All guest rooms at The Buccaneer include daily breakfast, snorkeling equipment, beach chairs, kayaks, and plenty of outdoor activities."

Scuba diving St. Croix in the Age of COVID ( "One reason we chose St. Croix was because it offered the opportunity to do lots of shallow diving, day or night, under the Frederiksted pier, billed as One of the Seven Jewels of the Caribbean."

Fantastic Experiences On Saint Croix: Where To Stay, Eat, And Play (Travel Awaits) "The island of Saint Croix is the perfect place for a quick trip to the beautiful Caribbean. Beaches, rainforests, and multicultural food are all yours to discover there. And U.S. citizens don’t even need a passport to visit."

St. Croix's Underwater World (Travel Squire) "Access to St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is easy since it’s a U.S. territory and no passport is required. However, access to the beauty and diversity of life under the waters that surround it requires more effort. You must be a certified scuba diver. Of course you can see plenty of sea life by donning a mask and snorkeling, but as I found out when I became certified, it’s not the same."

St. Croix: 5 Natural Ways To Enjoy The Caribbean Island You've Never Heard Of (Pebble Magazine) "The vibe was progressive and edgy— what I would have expected— but what I didn’t foresee was the scale of the presentation. Something else that came as a surprise to me was how soulful this island four-day stay was nothing short of idyllic. I returned to my family healthier, relaxed and recharged."

St. Croix's Chaney (Beach Combing Magazine) "One 'must do' for beachcombers in St. Croix is Chaney hunting. Chaney, pronounced 'chay-nee,' is the local name for beautiful pottery shards found on the beaches and grounds of old sugar mill plantations that are scattered around St. Croix."


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