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Art Thursday

Take a Walk Through the Vibrant Christiansted Art Community! Explore Art on St. Croix! Take a stroll through Historic Christiansted and visit the many galleries and stores that stay open late to celebrate Art Thursday. Art galleries, one of a kind jewelry studios and fine retail stores are open from 5pm-8pm for a series of gallery walks scheduled on the third Thursday of each month from November through May. Enjoy paintings, jewelry, photography, sculpture, fine carpentry, textile arts, glass and furniture. Come join us and be part of the vibrant St. Croix art community. The Arts come alive on Art Thursday in Christiansted! See our Event Calendar for dates.

Art Thursday is an event in Christiansted on the third Thursday of every month from November-May. Art galleries, jewelry studios and fine retail stores all stay open late for a relaxing day on the town. Admission is FREE, but be sure to bring some shopping money for buying locally made art, jewelry, and more! This evening event runs from 5pm-8pm.

The variety of art shown spans from paintings in oil, watercolor and acrylic, to jewelry, photography, sculpture, fine carpentry, glass, textile arts and furniture. Stroll the charming streets of Christiansted and enjoy the works on display and for sale. Many artists, boutique owners and jewelers take advantage of Art Thursday to launch new product lines, or unveil new designs, so you can always find something new.

Plan to stop into one of Christiansted's fine restaurants for a bite, or enjoy the sunset on the boardwalk at one of the open-air bars and restaurants with gorgeous views of the harbor. 

2023-2024 Art Thursday Dates:

Years ago, St. Croix Artist Maria Henle brought the idea of a joint art opening event to fruition when she decided to schedule the Art Thursdays with other local artists and shops. Maria said she wanted an event that would promote Christiansted galleries and give the community a chance to view, appreciate, and support local artist. She recognized that the restaurants would benefit as well, with art lovers coming in to town to "make a night of it. " Maria Henle was well known on St. Croix for her etchings and large oil paintings of scenic landscapes, realistically executed with wonderful detail and color. Maria passed away in February 2007, but her gallery is still a landmark for the St. Croix art world, and her sister and brother, Tina and Martin Henle, keep the doors open, and show a variety of work, including Maria's.

"It makes it a bit more appealing and convenient when the gallery down the street is open and featuring an art show you didn't want to miss, along with the other art venues in town,"says Therese Trudeau, owner and artist at Maufe Gallery and Crucian Gold. "The galleries and jewelry studios all have the same objective, to get people into Christiansted town in the evening, to stroll and view a variety of artists' work. We are not some huge city that has major competition and large scale openings, we are artists, supporting and working within a small town, we all know each other, and if we can combine the opening event that means your audience comes though my space and mine through yours, they might even see something a little different and exciting. There are a surprising number of artists and jewelers on St. Croix, all with varying styles, and with the Art Thursday event many get to show work and gain interest from the community."

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