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Tropical Bracelet Factory

At Tropical Bracelet Factory watch our jewelers design, create and finish unique jewelry right in our store. We offer an extensive collection of stainless steel, copper, platinum, gold, and silver earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings. We also have a large selection of fine jewelry, island bracelets, chaney, Larimar, diamonds of all colors and sizes, certified ancient coins, and natural pearls including the most unique of them all – the ‘Queen Conch Pearl’. Our friendly and professional staff will help you to find the perfect piece, or we can design and create a custom piece just for you. Open Monday–Saturday from 10am-6pm.

Location: Christiansted
Phone: (340) 719-0672

This family-owned business has been hand-crafting timeless keepsakes in precious metals and gems for over 3 generations. Tropical Bracelet’s craftsmen, all family members, base their designs on the magnificent nature surrounding them in this gem of an Island, St. Croix. The gentle island breeze, the beautiful and warm sunshine, the crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea surrounding this island, and the beauty on land and below the waters have inspired all that is crafted in the small but yet productive workshops on premises.

All pieces are hand made. Every aspect of production is done on the premises. The only items outsourced are the gold, silver and gems that are used to make these awe-inspiring creations. Tropical Bracelets is one of the largest crafters of the very popular Crucian Hook Bracelet. As one of the owners likes to say, “Each piece is made with our hands…to touch your heart.”

  • Custom made fine jewelry
  • Diamonds, precious gems, and pearls
  • Ancient coin collection
  • Crucian Hook Bracelets
  • Crucian Unity, Crucian Tranquility, Positive Vibes, Crucian Embrace, and Crucian Tree of Life collections
  • Queen Conch Pearls
  • Chaney
  • Larimar
  • Copper, platinum, gold, silver, and much, much more

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