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Davis Bay

Davis Bay Beach, otherwise known as Carambola Beach, is located on the North Shore. This picturesque beach is home to Carambola Beach Resort. With an ample stretch of white sand surrounded by verdant hills, Davis Bay is truly paradise. Here there are rolling hills, lots of palm trees, and rocky cliffs being sprayed by the ocean mist of crashing waves. Head on down to the beach for a relaxing day of limin’ in the sun with a good book, or enjoy the water activities available onsite.  If this sounds wonderful, then you’ve found your beach.

Location: North Shore

Davis Bay is a resort beach, so there are beach chairs and hammocks tucked among the trees for guest use. Even better, utilize the onsite dive shop and snorkel equipment rentals. That being said, please be aware that the beach has a rocky bottom in some areas and often strong currents, so please be careful if you choose to swim here. Swimming and snorkeling are great when the conditions are right, but the surf can get rough and the currents can be strong.


Drive along the north shore all the way west until you see signs for Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort. If you are not a guest of the resort, park your car in the upper parking lot outside the guard gate. There public beach access just outside the resort – ask at the guard at the gate if you need help locating it. Follow the signs at the bottom of the steps to get to the beach. Or, drive past the guard gate and park in their hotel/beach parking lot.

Onsite facilities are for resort guests only, including the chairs, hammocks, tennis courts, and freshwater pool.

However, non-guests can still enjoy the following:

  • Free parking
  • Onsite bar and restaurant
  • Onsite dive shop
  • Onsite water sports rentals

The beach chairs and hammocks are reserved for resort guests only.

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