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Grapetree Beach is located on the East End of the island along the south shore, between Point Udall and the Divi Carina Bay Resort. This beach is nice and peaceful. It offers a long stretch of sand to bask on, take your dog for a walk or, since it faces southeast, if you’re an early bird you can catch a beautiful sunrise here. The calm water here is protected by a barrier reef, which makes it a great spot for swimming. The snorkeling is decent, but since it has a grassy bottom there are not a lot of tropical reef fish.  However, there’s a good chance of catching a glimpse of sea turtles at this quiet location. There are houses around this beach since it is a residential neighborhood, so please be respectful.

Location: East End

There are houses around this beach since it is a residential neighborhood, so please be respectful.  This is the former site of the Grapetree Beach Hotel, so there is parking nearby.


From Divi Carina Bay Resort, head east along Southshore Road (Route 60), then turn right onto South Grapetree Bay Road.  Follow the road until it T’s off, then turn right and parking is available on the right.

None, so bring plenty of drinking water, sun protection, food, and your beach chair or mat.

The waters at this beach are within the No Take Zone of the St. Croix East End Marine Park. All fishing (line fishing, spearfishing, trap fishing, diving for conch) is prohibited.  Personal watercraft are also prohibited.

Please be respectful of the surrounding private properties as Grapetree Bay is a residential neighborhood.

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