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Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay

Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay beaches are located on the very East End side of the island, near Point Udall. Accessible only by foot, you have to hike a little ways to get there. Hiking there just makes it all the more rewarding though when you reach these gorgeous beaches…there are no other words, except magnificent.  These beaches are typically a great spot if you’re looking to get away from it all and enjoy some privacy. The sand on these beaches is powdery soft, and offer a great spot to simply spread out your beach towel and enjoy the Caribbean.

Location: East End

The water is typically calm, however it can get a little choppy sometimes and there can be some current as well. Both of these beaches are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Isaac’s Bay Beach has less seaweed and rocks, and deeper water, so it is a more popular snorkeling spot. With hundreds of different kinds of tropical fish and marine life, there will be plenty for you to see!

Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay Beaches are protected by the Nature Conservatory.  Both beaches are also are turtle nesting grounds, so please be careful – especially during turtle nesting season.


Take Route 82 towards the Millennium Monument at Point Udall.  Just before you reach the monument the small parking lot will be on the right hand side of the road with a sign indicating the trail down to Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay.

Parking is available in a small lot on the south side of the road leading up to Point Udall at the trailhead. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle when hiking down the trail.  

There are no amenities at Jack’s and Isaac’s, so bring plenty of drinking water, sun protection, food, and your beach chair and snorkel gear.

The waters at this beach are within the No Take Zone of the St. Croix East End Marine Park. All fishing (line fishing, spearfishing, trap fishing, diving for conch) is prohibited.  Personal watercraft are also prohibited.

Both beaches are also Wildlife Preserve Zones designed to protect nesting turtles and the nests themselves, so please be mindful – especially during turtle nesting season, which generally runs from July through October.

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