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Judith’s Fancy

Judith’s Fancy Beach is located on the North Shore of the island, inside Judith’s Fancy Quarters past the guard gate. I wouldn’t recommend this as a swimming beach, but it has lots to offer in the way of coral and shells (just remember to leave only your footprints). This spot is frequented by surfers, but be aware that it is shallow and has lots of reef to be thrown against. Snorkeling is good there due to the reef, but only if the tide is down. It is mostly only good for riding the waves and is typically only frequented by locals.

Location: North Shore


Take Northside Road (Route 75) west, then take Route 751 north and head to the gate at Judith’s Fancy Quarters. You will have to check in with the gate guard, and you may be required to park outside the gate and walk.

There are no amenities, so bring plenty of drinking water and sun protection.

None, but this is a residential area so please be respectful.

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Salt River National Historic Park

Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve! Not only is Salt River important historically, it is also a protected ecological preserve. Salt River is also known as Columbus Landing. Columbus landed at this spot in America’s Paradise in 1493, but encountered the not-so-friendly Carib Indian tribe. This led to the first documented conflict…

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