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A Fresh Perspective from Hotel on the Cay

A small little island called Protestant Cay exists in the middle of the Christiansted Harbor on St. Croix, on which sits Hotel on the Cay. This hotel has been an institution on St. Croix for decades. The ferry over to the cay is less than a minute ride, and suddenly you’ll find yourself on a little oasis of paradise, just a stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Christiansted. There are no cars on this little island, so this short ferry ride is your lifeline to the rest of St. Croix.

The hotel is the perfect destination for the active traveler – offering fantastic snorkeling right on property, and being just a quick ferry ride to boat trips, scuba diving operators, a National Park, walking tours and more. Or it’s a fantastic retreat for the traveler who wants to get away from it all in a serene location; but still have access to the dining, shops, restaurants and activities located in Christiansted. An affordable, laid-back atmosphere with it’s own beach and access to Christiansted makes it a great escape for every traveler!

Lounging on the beach at Hotel on the Cay

Hotel on the Cay is unique in the way it interacts with the island of Protestant Cay. The hotel is a part of the island, with lush trees and plants surrounding you as you walk the grounds; even interacting with the the structure of the building. The sandy white beach and clear water are always just steps away on such a small island. Plus, the island offers unique views of Christiansted, Gallows Bay, and the Harbor that are second to none.

Hotel On The Cay

Aerial view of Hotel on the Cay

Did you know that Hotel on the Cay is the home to an endangered species of lizard called the St. Croix Ground Lizard? They live only on Protestant Cay and Green Cay. It’s thought that there are only about 400 of these animals left on Protestant Cay, and as the hotel gears up for big changes, they are vigilant about ensuring the safety of these lizards and maintaining their habitat and food sources. They are even adopting the St. Croix Ground Lizard as a mascot of sorts.

So, if you need to get off the rock and take a day-cation or change your perspective, explore Hotel on the Cay. For visitors, Hotel on the Cay is a fantastic option for nature lovers staying on St. Croix.

Hotel On The Cay

Hotel On The Cay

A Little Paradise within Paradise! Hotel on the Cay is on a sandy jewel in Christiansted Harbor, a 90 second ferry ride from the Christiansted historic district. Enjoy all the…

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