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Introducing the New Grapetree Bay Hotel

The Grapetree Bay Hotel is a 1960’s boutique style hotel that reopened in 2021. Located in the Grapetree Bay neighborhood of St. Croix’s East End, the property’s new owners have completed the enormous Phase I, including 18 guest rooms, the front desk and lobby, two restaurants and bars, a pool, and a fitness center. The property operates largely on solar power, and the new owners have also begun to rebuild the beach bungalows and villas. We hope you enjoy this look at the newly reopened Grapetree Bay Hotel.

History of Grapetree Bay Hotel

Grapetree Bay was originally opened in the 1960’s, and was a popular gathering spot for visitors and residents.  

Over the years, we (at gotostcroix) have received several inquiries from guests who stayed there and wondered what became of it.  They recall steel pan music, dinner parties, and time with family. The hotel remained a popular vacation spot for families until the late 1980’s. 

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo damaged the property which then closed. It sat, abandoned in ruins for almost 30 years.  Until now!

NOW OPEN!  Grapetree Bay Hotel

This is what the Grapetree Hotel looks like now.  It reopened quietly in 2021. There was no big announcement, or grand opening party (COVID times, afterall).   

Here’s a photo tour of the property as it looks today.  

No matter where you are on the property, you’ll always be just steps from the beach.  The breeze is glorious, and the views go on forever.  

The hotel faces south, with 180 degree panoramic views. Early risers will love the sunrise views. The fiery sunset ignites the late afternoon sky, but the true magic comes at night, when the moon and stars present themselves.

Brand New Guest Rooms

There are 18 guest rooms that are very spacious (720 sq ft), and ALL are ocean front with private bath,  in-room kitchenette and private balcony.

Each room has a private balcony, perfect for relaxation.  You can have your zoom meeting with this as your background.  Wifi is readily available.

Bar and Restaurants

East End Bar & Restaurant on the upper level of Grapetree Bay Hotel offers homemade pizzas, sandwiches, salads and happy hour. East End Bar & Restaurant is open daily from 3pm-9pm. Look for live music and entertainment special guests!

Located poolside on Grapetree Bay beach, The Sea Terrace Restaurant is open for lunch Mon-Sat  from 11am-3pm. You can also enjoy weekly themed Sunday brunch buffet from 10am-3pmThurs-Sat from 5pm-9pm you can find The Far East Restaurant serving dinner in this same space, offering Asian steakhouse and sushi. Plus, look for special event dinners on holidays – like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Dreamy Public Spaces

Make sure to look at the artwork in rooms, and more than a dozen large murals throughout the property.  They were created by St. Croix artist Barbara Gelardi, depicting local scenery of St. Croix’s different coastal areas and the plants and animals you’ll see while visiting.  They are gorgeous, and kids will love to identify all the animals.

UPSTAIRS on the lobby level, there are large lounge-like areas to meet friends, read a book, or settle in with your laptop and enjoy this view and fresh air. The lobby lounge areas are flexible use, so they can easily be configured for meetings and groups, and other activities. 

Not a hotel guest? Enjoy the pool and amenities with a day pass for $10 per person.  Stay for lunch. Enjoy the beach.  Family friendly and welcoming to all.

East End, St. Croix

The East End of St. Croix features beautiful ocean vista views in stark contrast to the high-desert like landscape, complete with cactus. A drive along the East End takes you over rolling hills, and the north side offers a view of Buck Island. Visit Point Udall, the easternmost point of the U.S. – it’s a great place to watch a sunrise. Hike Goat Hill for a one-of-a-kind view, or hike down to Jack and Isaac Bay Preserve for some great snorkeling. Try your luck at the Divi Carina Bay Casino, or play a round of golf on one of two golf courses on the East End. Take advantage of the many restaurants, activities and views the East End of St. Croix has to offer! Find more about the area in our East End Guide.

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Jennie Ogden, Editor – Last Updated: August 2023

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Grapetree Bay Hotel & Villas is a newly-renovated beachfront getaway on St. Croix's East End. Located on secluded Grapetree Bay, this sprawling 45-acre property currently includes 18 guest rooms, as...